Whether you want to spy on your nanny, watch out for intruders in your home/office, or keep an eye on your pet while you're away, you need the best spy cameras on Amazon today. These are top-rated hidden spy cameras for home security, and they are as disguisable as possible. Also, they have been revamped with high-quality features, which makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor usage.

Here they are:

1. FUVISION Hidden Camera WiFi Photo Frame:

Here's a unique photo frame that offers more than it lets on. It's the FUVISION Hidden Camera WiFi Photo Frame, whose HD camera can capture events during the day and at night. This frame comes with WiFi support, and as such, you can view its recording from a smartphone or computer. There are no wires attached to this camera, which makes it as disguisable as possible. Also, it has been paired with a 10000mAh rechargeable battery.

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2. Enji Prime Spy Hidden Camera Nanny Cam:

Looking for the best mini spy camera for 2020? Then checkout the Enji Prime Spy Hidden Camera Nanny Cam. Despite its name, this camera is suitable for car and office use. It can also serve as a body camera or sports action camera. This spy camera supports HD recording and comes with 6 LED lights to record even at night. However, it is not WiFi-enabled, hence you will need to take out its MicroSD card to access its videos.

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3. ELValley Spy Camera:

The ELValley Spy Camera adopts the design of a digital clock. Therefore, chances that its camera will be detected are low. This is an indoor 1080P hidden nanny camera with a 150° wide-angle to cover more area. It serves as a 1000mAh power bank that can be used to power other devices. What's more, this is a WiFi hidden camera stored content can be streamed to an iPhone or Android device. You can also fall back on the microSD space to insert a memory card up to 128GB.

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4. ZOHULU Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Camera:

ZOHULU Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Camera is a conspicuous device that can serve as a home security camera or car DVR video recorder. It supports HD recording and has a 150° Wide Angle. Further, this camera supports a microSD card up to 128GB, and also supports WiFi. Hence, you can choose to leave your videos on the camera or transmit it to your phone, tablet, or computer. It's also worth noting that a battery has been paired to this camera, promising 60-minute battery life.

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5. YuanFan Hidden Spy Camera in Bluetooth Speaker:

Bluetooth speakers have become popular in homes, offices, cars, etc. which is why most people won't think twice once they see a speaker of this nature. The Hidden Spy Camera in Bluetooth Speaker looks like the traditional speaker but comes with a WiFi camera that lets you stream its recorded video and audio wirelessly. It also records in lowly-lit or dark places thanks to its built-in 15-night vision IR and 32ft night vision monitoring distance.

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6. OLTEC Light Camera Security:

Unarguably, you'll find at least one light bulb in a home or office, and that's is why having a hidden camera below the lamp keeps it away from detection. And that's what the OLTEC Light Camera Security offers. This is one of the best motion activated spy camera featuring a 360-degree fish eye lens. It also records 1080P images and videos which can be streamed via WiFi.

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7. WNAT Hidden Camera 1080P WiFi HD Spy Cam:

Another Bluetooth speaker with a hidden camera you may come to like, is the WNAT Hidden Camera 1080P WiFi HD Spy Cam. While you blast music from its speakers, you can also keep an eye on what's happening around you thanks to its 1080P HD hidden spy camera. The camera supports MicroSD card as well as WiFi, hence, you get to decide how you want to access its captured videos and images.

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8. Facamword Spy Camera Pen Hidden Cameras:

Now, if you're going to take it one step further to move or travel with your spy camera, the Facamword Spy Camera Pen Hidden Camera is what you should get. It looks like a real pen, yet it features an FHD (1920*1080) camera for capturing videos and images. Alternatively, you can convert the pen to a flash drive to store relevant documents.

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9. Maximus Craftsman Smart Security Light:

For outdoor usage, you can try the Maximus SPL06-07A1W4-BKT-K1 Craftsman Smart Security Light. This light has a 720p HD camera embedded below the light source, and as such, it would take a keen eye to discover it. The camera also offers WiFi support; thus, you can stream and download its captured footage.

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10. Relohas Mini Spy Camera WiFi:

The Relohas Mini Spy Camera is a portable mini spy camera that captures videos in HD 1080P resolution. It comes with an 800mAh battery, and as such, it is battery powered and not AC powered. Hence, you do not always have to plug it into a power source. This is also a motion-activated camera that can alert you of movements, and its support for WiFi allows you to stream its captured video and images wirelessly.

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You can ensure that your home and those within it are always protected, whether you're with them or miles away with the best hidden cameras. It will give you some peace of mind knowing that your child, pets, etc. are well taken care of. The best part, these cameras have been built to blend with other items in the home, office, car, without making people feel uncomfortable or alerting them that they are being watched.