Whether you already have a job or you're seeking better opportunities, there are several lucrative skills you can learn to earn online in 2019. Each of these skills requires that you work from a computer at a convenient time, and without any restriction.

Moreover, you also get to determine which is best for you to acquire among a wide range out there. Therefore, consider the following high paying skills, whether employed or unemployed.

#1. Programming & Software Development

Codes are beautiful

Programmers are in high demand all over the world, and that is why you should consider programming and software development. Besides, the average programmer earns between $62,141 to $105,000 yearly. On the other hand, there are several online resources to learn popular programming languages like Java, JavaScript, C, and Python. Some of these online platforms are Coursera, MIT, the University of Virginia, and Princeton.

#2. Website Development and Optimization

More businesses are moving online to reach a broader audience. They are also continually looking for the best ways to promote their products & services online. Consequently, it has created a demand for web developers who can also optimize websites for search engines like Google, Bing, etc. The latter is evident in demand for SEO experts on online marketplaces like Fiverr and SEOclerks. Also, the salary of an average web developer ranges between $78,000 to $95,000, yearly.

#3. Internet Marketing

Internet marketing cuts across being able to draw traffic from search engines, social media platforms, social bookmarks, etc. The same goes for being able to run adverts that convert on these platforms. As such, a great deal of expertise is required to run successful campaigns. Look at it this way, businesses want their products to be sold, and as an internet marketer, you're in the right position to make that happen.

#4. Content Writing and Copy-writing

Content writing has gone beyond putting words together to form meaningful writeups. Today, it also focuses on writing unique, relevant content for websites, and optimizing the written content for the search engines using targeted keywords. Copywriters, for instance, earn $47 (£33) per hour on average while content writers get around $46,000 to $54,100 yearly. Therefore, add this to the list of skills to learn online.

#5. Photography

A keen eye is required to capture photos for websites, eCommerce platforms, online magazines, etc. Similarly, good knowledge is needed about cameras, lenses, settings, and how to use photo editing tools like Adobe Photoshop. Some of these photos will also be used in ebooks, landing pages, gifs, etc. That being so, there may be content writers, on the one hand, but photography experts are also highly required. Photography is, therefore, one of the best skills to learn if you have an interest in this whatsoever.

#6. Video Blogging (Vlogging)

YouTube, Vimeo, Veoh, and Epizodes are some of the best video blogging platforms. They have become popular over the years due to the quality and unique videos they offer to millions of their global platform users. The latter can be attributed to their incentive to video publishers for their quality work. Earnings on these platforms aren't fixed, the increase as you gain more audience to your informative videos. In the case of YouTube, for instance, you can rely on the YouTube Creator Academy to learn how to earn from the platform.

#7. Cryptocurrency Trading

Professional cryptocurrency traders and blockchain experts are also in high demand. Given that the blockchain space has grown over the past decade. These experts determine crypto trends, analyze graphs, market sentiment, among other things to ascertain the price of a crypto asset. On the other hand, LinkedIn, in its 2018 Emerging Jobs Report also revealed that blockchain experts are one of the most searched for jobs in the U.S.

#8. Podcasting and Alternative Media

Podcasting is also in trend, and it involves developing digital audio or video files that people can download and listen to. Thus, you can choose to be a recording artist, radio disc jockey, talk show host, etc. Also, how much you can make is entirely dependent on your audience, and the quality of content that is being aired. Nonetheless, there's the potential of earning $1,000 – $5,000 monthly as a podcaster. We recently reviewed the best podcast microphones you can use to start your journey as a podcaster this year.

#9. Cover Letter and Resume

Writing cover letters and resumes is also a lucrative skill to acquire online. College students, graduates, stay at home moms, and those looking for interesting skills to learn can easily do this. Lynda.com, for instance, offers a free 30-day course that allows you to access its multiple courses on how to write a cover letter to dazzle employers.

#10. Translation

There are several languages around the world, and it can be an advantage to you if you can speak more than one language. This is because content translators are highly sought after, yet there isn't a whole lot of them out there to meet this demand. If you choose to work as a language translator, you can work at your own time. There are also the perks of traveling to various countries or using Skype/FaceTime.


These are some of the lucrative skills you can learn to earn online in 2019, and they can help you earn right from your home, office, or school. These online skills come with the perk of also setting your working hours and environment, unlike offline jobs. And the best part is, you can acquire more than one skill in the long run just by resorting to tutorials online.