There's something worth feasting your eyes on today, and it's the most luxurious van homes out there. These homes have been fully equipped with what it takes to make you comfortable while on the go. However, they don't come cheap. And if you've ever had the fantasy of living in a van, here's a good moment to fantasize about owning one of these.

1. The Marchi Mobile's EleMMent Palazzo Superior

Marchi Mobile's EleMMent Palazzo Superior is the most luxurious mobile home. Currently, it is the most expensive motorhome judging from its $3 million price tag. For that amount, you may be expecting extravagant features which is what this van offers. The EleMMent Palazzo Superior features a rainfall shower, living room and master bedroom, and a king-size bed made by the same company that designs beds for the British royal family. It also has a large TV screen, electric sliding door, refrigerator, freezer, and ice-maker, amongst others.

2. The Furrion ELYSIUM

If you've never seen a helicopter land on a car, then check out the Furrion ELYSIUM. Furrion is a designer of LED TVs, Bluetooth speakers, RVs, etc. And popular among its motor homes is the Furrion ELYSIUM. This recreational vehicle costs over $2.5 million and it has been built with features to make it homely. For starters, it has a helipad, hot tub, and wine fridge. It also has three 75-inch 4K televisions, a fireplace, a smart shower, etc.

3. Will Smith's Luxury Van Home

In 2013, American Actor and rapper Will Smith splashed $2.5 million on his two-story trailer home called The Heat. And given the year it was, it was pretty much of a big deal. The actor lived in "The Heat" while filming movies like "The Pursuit of Happiness," "Men in Black 3," and "Ali." The luxurious home, on the other hand, is a 1,200-square-foot mobile home with 22 wheels. It has 14 TV screens, granite countertops, a steam shower with glass, etc.

4. The Featherlite Coach 3879 – "Imola"

Featherlite Coaches offers several luxury rides that can be purchased from $2.3 million upwards. The Coach 3879 – "Imola," for instance, comes with adjustable king-sized beds, washer, and dyer, Concetto agate countertops, a dinette, heated flooring electric-powered pocket doors, etc.

5. The 2019 Marathon Coach

Someone has walked away with the 2019 Marathon Coach #1286 H3-45 from the Luxury Motor homes Manufacturer and Dealer, Marathon. Nonetheless, this ride is a beauty worth giving attention to. Its price is around $1.8 to $2.5 million, and its high-end specs made up for it. This van features a 49″ Samsung 4K LED TV, a fireplace, an underfloor heating system, USB outlets, among others.

6. The 2018 H3-45 Millennium Luxury Coach

Millennium Luxury Coaches is also a maker of motor vans. Its 2018 H3-45 has stolen our attention for its grand design and price tag of about $2 million. This van features a control system with iPad integration, 24-inch Mini Mac computer, a 46-inch smart TV, heated floors, among others.

7. The Newell Coach #1684

A van from the U.S. based company Newell Coach, which is quite remarkable, is Newell Coach #1684. This vehicle goes for about $2.1 million, and it been revamped with several features. In its interior, is a whirlpool stacked washer and dryer and four roof-mounted air conditioner units. There are also 49-inch LG 4K UHD TV, 28-inch LG LED TV, and 49-inch LG 4K UHD TV mounted on the lift at the desk, above the dinette, and in overhead, respectively.

8. The Prevost H3-45 VIP

Prevost car is a Canada-based manufacturer of touring coaches. One of its coaches is the H3-45 VIP, which does not come cheap since its price sits at $1.6 million. According to the company, this 12 feet, 5 inches motorhome has been built to provide lots of storage and cargo space; hence, it can become your second home given its massive space.

9. The Foretravel ih-45 motor Coach

Foretravel is a U.S. based company that builds luxury motorhomes. Its ih-45 motor is offered at about $1.4 million. A closer look at the interior of this motor home shows that it features an outdoor entertainment center, 280w Solar Charging System, washer and dryer, and a large mounted TV. You can live comfortably in here since it has also been furnished with a Microwave, Refrigerator, iPad with A/V and Silverleaf control, and Stereo sound system.

10. The 2020 Newmar King Aire 4531

Newmarcorp, a U.S. based luxury vehicle company, offers several recreational vans that can be lived in. The latest in its series is the 2020 Newmar King Aire 4531, which has a start price of $1 million. According to the company, this base model has been fully equipped with multiple televisions, sound systems, and a spacious bedroom. You can expect as many as six televisions on this vehicle, Wifi Skypro Lte Cell Router, and a Security System.


These are all fascinating luxury van homes that cost even more than the price of actual home. They are recreational vehicles built to provide high-level comfort while on the road. For their features, they are worth the price.