The vast majority of people on Earth don't know the joys of metal, and they're missing out. Metal is misunderstood; invoking thoughts of school shootings and demon worship. We know better than that. Us, the enlightened, should help outsiders understand metal and give them songs they could personally enjoy. So here it is, 10 Songs to get Someone into Metal.

Icarus Lives! — Periphery

Progressive Metalcore + Djent. If you like clean vocals but chuggy guitars, Periphery might just be the band for you. Periphery's main influences are Dream Theater, Messuggah and Sikth. If you like those bands, you might just love Periphery. If you ever had an emo phase, you should be familiar with early-2000s rock and some metalcore such as Bullet for my Valentine. This is the next step up to metal enlightenment.

War Pigs — Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath is the band that forged the metal. All the people who have claimed that metal causes violence obviously haven't actually read any lyrics. War Pigs is one of the ultimate anti-war songs from the masters themselves. The accompanying music video serves to inspire the listener to rise up against tyranny in an Orwellian dystopia—reminiscent of Stalin's Soviet Russia.  

Almost Easy — Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold is probably the most mainstream band on this list, and appeals to the widest amount of people. The band has gone through many changes in musical style and the loss of their drummer, Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan—who wrote most of their commericially successful songs including Almost Easy. Almost Easy tackles the heavy feelings of disappointing and then losing a loved one.

Cemetery Gates — Pantera

Pantera, now that's a metal band. Cemetary Gates is also a song about the loss of a loved one and not knowing how to deal with the feelings. This song is one of the less intense Pantera songs but contains one of the late Dimebag Darrell's greatest guitar solos. If you like what you hear, check out "Walk", "Regular People" and "Sandblasted Skin". The metal world wishes that both the Abbott brothers rest in piece while their distinctive tones and musical influence live on forever.

Cirice — Ghost

Ghost is a band that sounds bright and cheery but is ironically satanic. Cirice is my favourite Ghost song and a staple in their set-lists. The first thing you'll notice about Ghost is their costumes, resembling the evil clergy of hell. If you like rock but wanna be that much more brutal, you'll love Ghost.

Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) — Deftones

Deftones wee one of the biggest Nu Metal bands in the late 90s, but have since shifted towards a more nuanced, art rock sound. Be Quiet and Drive is quite a sad song underneath the cheery tone. If you're currently getting over a breakup, this song might just be a rescue. If you like what you hear, check out "Risk", "Minerva" and "Hole in the Earth".

March of Mephisto — Kamelot

Symphonic Metal. Kamelot's Black Halo album is one of the best that symphonic metal has to offer. The opening track, March of Mephisto, features Shagrath of Dimmu Borgir providing dark vocals alongside Roy Khan. The song seems to cover the seduction of a human by an other-worldly being while an army marches to battle. This song makes more sense in the context of the album, so please make sure to listen to Black Halo. You won't be disappointed.

Pull Me Under — Dream Theater

Dream Theater, often referred to as "baby's first prog metal band", is one of, if not the best progressive metal band of our era. Pull Me Under is their most commerically successful song and the easiest to get your feet wet in the wacky world of progressive metal. Since their highly acclaimed album, Images and Words, their sound has evolved and the band has experimented with different musical styles with often very long songs. The first thing you might have noticed is their use of odd time signatures, and that's one of the key traits of the band.

If you love John Petrucci's shredding and Mike Portnoy's nuanced drumming, I recommend their "Train of Thought" and "Awake" albums. You might also like bands such as Symphony X and Opeth.

Holy Wars...The Punishment Due — Megadeth

Megadeth are one of the Big 4 of Thrash Metal. If you've already heard Metallica, Megadeth has much better guitar work in my opinion. Holy Wars is another anti-war song that you should show your christian parents to change their minds. With many amazing solos and riffs, Holy Wars really packs a punch along with its message. If you like what you hear, you could also check out "Peace Sells", "Hangar 18" and "Symphony of Destruction". Hopefully, Dave Mustaine (lead singer) can overcome his throat cancer and continue to produce more amazing music.

Psychosocial — Slipknot

Slipknot is a great band if you want to expose someone to the heavier side of metal. Though nowhere near Death Metal heavy, Slipknot still has some brutal songs. Slipknot's concerts are some of the greatest experiences you can have; not just metalheads confirm this. Psyschosocial was the song that got me into Slipknot. Corey Taylor is one of the most versatile singers in metal; capable of harsh growls and catchy clean choruses. If you're not used to hearing heavily downtuned guitars and gruff distortion, check out the other songs on this list first.

I wish you safe travels and keep it metal! \m/