Between 2008 and 2010, Bitcoin was started and it gained popularity as time progressed. From trading at 30 cents to more than $9000 per Bitcoin in less than 10 years, this is evidence that the industry has a lot of potential and is a worthwhile investment for any entrepreneur. But to be able to invest in this industry, whether in cryptocurrency or just blockchain technology, you need to do a lot of research and remain up to date with trends in the sector. This is possible to do by reading blogs, but sometimes listening to podcasts that feature cryptocurrency leaders is more fruitful. Here are the 12 best cryptocurrency podcasts.

1.       Unchained

The Unchained podcast is an excellent show if you like blockchain. It brings popular business people, investors, thinkers, and technologists who speak about the trending cryptocurrency topics. But new episodes used to be released only once in two weeks, which was a challenge in a fast-moving industry.

2.       Unconfirmed

In 2008, the host of Unchained podcast, Laura Shin, launched another podcast called Unconfirmed. Unconfirmed is a shorter and newsier version of Unchained with the same popular guests. She then started to release new episodes of Unchained every week.

3.       Epicenter

Epicenter podcast was started in 2013 and is one of the oldest crypto podcasts in existence. It is hosted by Meher Roy, Sebastien Couture, and Brian Fabian Crain. This weekly podcast offers individuals in the cryptocurrency industry a platform for having deep discussions regarding blockchain projects, stories, new developments, and ideas.

The podcast fails to offer beginner-level kind of content but instead provides in-depth discussions with individuals leading global blockchain revolution and decentralization. Some of the people who appear on the show include Olaf Carlson-Wee, Erik Voorhees, Chris Burniske, and Ari Paul, among others. The podcast has discussed topics like Built-to-Last Chain-Hopping Tokens and Bitcoin Satellites.

4.       Coin Mastery

Coin Mastery podcast is hosted by Carter Thomas, who is a marketer and an investor. This podcast is more unique than the other ones in that it focuses on cryptocurrency trading. The discussions include fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and market news.

While the show is a podcast, you can also access it via their YouTube channel. The YouTube version is useful as it reveals on-screen graphs and charts.

5.       Crypto Till Infinity

Crypto Till Infinity breaks the monotony from podcasts based on chat; it brings a mix of both music and crypto chat. Some discussions that have been aired include investment strategies, opinions on the integration between WooCommerce and Coinbase, and how festivals can benefit from blockchain.

You will get a new episode after a few weeks. When it comes to music, they offer R&B, soul, and funk.

6.       Bitcoins and Gravy

Bitcoins and Gravy podcast is hosted by John Barrett, a previous radio host. He uses his music for the shows and you will not be disappointed. The songs play in the background as the episodes continue.

While he mostly majors in Bitcoin, he also touches on other cryptocurrencies. However, the show comes short of inviting other professionals to offer their opinions or participate in an interview.

7.       Blockchain 2025

The host of Blockchain 2025 is Matt Aaron. The podcast is new and belongs to the network. Blockchain 2025 centers its discussions on blockchain technology’s potential future effects. Bitcoin is not a constant topic in the show.

Matt hosts numerous cryptocurrency podcasts and has enough experience and knowledge to do it right. Hence the show will help you learn more regarding blockchain technology and its impacts.

8.       Steal This Show

Steal This Show is a podcast hosted by Jamie King, who is an activist and filmmaker. The show talks about links between cryptocurrencies and peer-to-peer protocol BitTorrent, acquisition of BitTorrent by a blockchain startup called TRON, and more.

Previously the show also discussed common problems linked to blockchain, such as inherent risks related to designing technology made to resist centralization and regulatory uncertainty.

9.       Off the Chain

Off the Chain podcast offers blockchain entrepreneurs a platform for sharing their thoughts regarding the industry and its future. The podcast is hosted by Anthony Pompliano.

Some of the guests who have appeared on the show include Murad Mahmudov, who is a Bitcoin maximalist and cryptocurrency analyst as well as Bill Barhydt, who is the founder of Abra, a cryptocurrency exchange service.

10.   Bitcoin Uncensored

Bitcoin Uncensored is a podcast whose host is Chris de Rose, a Bitcoin Evangelist. The show hits the nail on the head and features heated discussions among guests. Guests provide information on new developments in the blockchain industry and their personal stories as well.

All the episodes are also live-streamed by the host on YouTube in video format. Hence, if you prefer video to plain audio, then this podcast is for you. The podcast is vividly centered on Bitcoin maximalism as well as PoW projects such as Monero.

11.   Block Zero

The host of Block Zero podcast is Kevin Rose, who is an American online entrepreneur who helped start Milk, Pownce, Revision3, and Digg. While he started to podcast in 2016, he began speaking about crypto topics recently.

He wanted to incorporate cryptocurrency into the current show but it ended up being a separate show; Black Zero. Black Zero airs interviews with experts and builders of cryptocurrency. This assists the audience to learn about Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, and other blockchain technologies.

Rose has worked for a long time in Silicon Valley and is well knowledgeable in cryptocurrency. He has a passion for technology and the few episodes that have been created have gained an audience.

12.   Let’s Talk Bitcoin

Let’s Talk Bitcoin is a podcast that was started in 2013 and now has over 340 episodes. It looks into every topic in its niche and has established a dedicated audience. The show features popular names in the Bitcoin world, including Andreas Antonopoulos.

Antonopoulos is a leader in the industry and has written blogs, books, and appeared in numerous shows. The BTC community donated 2 million dollars in Bitcoin to him as gratitude for his contribution to the industry.

Currently, a network of ten shows uses this name.