Something exciting is being expected between Friday, February 7, 2020, and Monday, 10, 2020. It's the 2020 full moon or snow moon and specifically, the second for the year after the wolf moon in January. Therefore, whether you're a fan of the space or not, you may find it quite intriguing to witness a rare sky event of this nature. Some astronomy writers and bloggers are already calling it a supermoon. Hence, asides from being one of the biggest full moons, we could be seeing the first supermoon this year

February's Full Moon Expected Over the Weekend

A study of the earth's space has revealed that there will be a full moon during the weekend into the late hours of Monday evening. Much more, the upcoming full moon will reach its fullest phase on Sunday morning. So be on the lookout!  According to experts, it is a 'super snow moon', hence it can be classified as a 'supermoon'. It could also be the first supermoon for the year, and among two or three others that are being expected in 2020.

On the other hand, a supermoon is said to occur when the moon becomes full due to its close proximity to the earth than an average full moon. When that happens, often on rare occasions, the moon tends to be larger and around 30% brighter. You may have witnessed this years ago and thought nothing of it,  but it's not every day we get to see a banana-shaped moon show its real shape.

It's Supermoon for a Reason

Many have called the February 2020 full moon a supermoon for a reason. In their opinion, a full moon's closeness to the earth at a distance less than 226,000 miles qualifies it as a supermoon.

In contrast, others have opined that the distance needs to be less than 223,000 miles from the earth. As such, February's full moon should not be called a supermoon because we're expecting one whose distance will be 225,234 miles away from the Earth. Whatever it is called, most people are just out to see it happen.

The full moon may be another romantic way to usher in the love season. Think of it as pre-V-Day vibes. It would be a night to just sit out with your loved ones and gaze at the sky, and for once, take time to appreciate the beauty of the celestial sphere. Moreover, you won't be the only one moon gazing because the number of searches for the full moon 2020 shows there are other enthusiastic individuals hoping to witness it.

Other Full Moons for 2020

Now if you miss February 2020's full moon, astronomers believe there will be several others for the year. They will occur on:

  • March 9 (worm moon/supermoon)
  • April 7 (pink moon/supermoon)
  • May 7 (flower moon)
  • June 5 (strawberry moon)
  • July 5 (buck moon/thunder moon)
  • August 3 (sturgeon moon)
  • September 2 (corn moon)
  • October 1 (harvest moon)
  • October 31 (blue moon)
  • November 30 (beaver moon)
  • December 29 (cold moon)

And if you believe that the February full moon is going to be a supermoon, then you can also expect a supermoon in March, April, and May. On the other hand, these namings for the full moon each month are used in North America and Europe. They help in tracking months and seasons, hence their naming convention.