Okay. We know you're lazy. If you could, you would have a person read this article to you so you wouldn't have to strain your eyesight; however, life is hard, and we can't always give ourselves those treats we'd so much like.

If you wish you had an army of robots doing everything for you after you get back from work, we regret to tell you that you were born too early, but we have some products that will make you say "Dude WTF?" first, but will make a lot of sense after you start to think about it with a cold head:

Here are three products you should buy if you're lazy - and you love your laziness:

A100 VINANOI Automatic Hammock Swing

What better way to spend a day - or night - than lying in a hammock, with a good cold drink watching time pass by with absolutely nothing but swinging and minding your own business?

This tempting image is undoubtedly more attractive than doing something productive. But the offer is not entirely perfect: How annoying it is to have to swing your hammock over and over again to relax!

The people of Vinanoi solved this and created a top-quality automatic hammock swing so that now you are a completely useless dude and not just a 50% useless dude!

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Razor Jetts Heel Wheels

Yeah... God gave you that pair of legs to walk, jog, run, and move from the couch to your bed. But how easy would it be if you didn't have to walk all the time, right?

For you, Razor Jetts Heel Wheels have arrived. If you don't mind making a fool of yourself and looking like a ten-year-old, these gadgets are amazing. They will take you anywhere effortlessly and are much more portable than any skate or board or any other solution.

Their "Quick click" frame with hook and loop strap system allows you to put them on effortlessly and to use them quite roughly without fear of damaging them.

If you don't want to go through the whole process of unboxing those things, you can order them in frustration-free packaging.

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Vinmax Lazy Glasses

We know that sometimes you want to read the press or watch television, but it is not the most pleasant activity.

You may be studying or having long reading sessions. And as the hours go by, the number of positions you try to be comfortable surpass those that have been reviewed by the Kamasutra.

Thinking of you, Vinmax created the prism glasses: Absolutely ridiculous, but completely functional.

What do they do? They reflect your eyesight at 90 degrees, so you can read or watch TV while you're lying down with your head straight. Instead of looking at the ceiling, your eyes are looking at what is in front of your feet

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