Are you scared of heights? Do you sleep as a result to reduce flying anxiety? Or are you just one of those people that are always on the move? Whatever category you fall under, you can agree that putting your head to rest while on a flight is essential.

That is why you need one of the best travel pillows that exist in the market. Read this review to get four of the top-rated travel pillows in the market. After all, who doesn’t want to daydream on a long flight?

Best Travel Pillows

1.      Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam For Best Overall

Cabeau is top of the list because it is perfect for any travel duration. Besides, the device is award-winning due to the ideal blend between its fantastic design and excellent features. Also, it provides an ergonomic structure as well as an accurate fit for your neck.

Cabeau is made from high-quality memory foam core. This makes it very soft, as well as durable. Additionally, the pillow comes in a cover that is eighty per cent cotton and twenty per cent polyester. This means that your skin will not suffer any abrasion.

Another advantage of buying this product is the comfort it provides. The pillow will support your neck without causing any uncomfortable soreness or positioning. Besides, you can adjust the pillow using the sliding support toggles to your satisfaction.

Also, the design of the pillow has been made in a way that your head and chin will have 360-degree support throughout your travel. This design also makes the pillow perfect for any seat or sleeper. As if this is not enough, the pillow is also very portable.

Cabeau can be compressed to fit in a minimum baggage space since it is only 7 inches long when compressed entirely. Also, the device is resistant to sweat which makes it perfect for maintaining good hygiene.


·         Comfortable and stable

·         Very compact and lightweight

·         Ergonomic wonder

·         Has a media pouch for mobile devices


·         Can be too high or loose for petite persons

·         Only one size available

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2.      AirComfy Daydreamer Inflatable For Best Convenience

If you want to experience ultimate convenience during your travels and to daydream comfortably, then the Aircomfy neck pillow is the best travel pillow for you. You will have quality sleep and peace of mind when you travel while using this device.

This is because the pillow cradles your head and stays stable without any problems. The micro velvet fabric that is used to make this device provides luxurious softness. Also, the material is very durable, and it will last longer than many other traditional pillows.

The ergonomics that are used to make the pillow ensure comfort since your neck will be supported entirely. The high arch holds will relax your neck and shoulders and keep your head lifted. Besides, the pillows have customization options that will let you use the level of inflation or firmness that suits you best.

Also, you don’t have to worry about blowing air into the pillow. It has a built-in inflation pump that fills up in one minute and deflates by pressing the air release valve. After deflation, the pillow becomes very compact and weightless, making it portable and easy to carry around. Besides, the pillow is hygienic since it is resistant to sweat.


·         Comfortable and cool throughout

·         Very durable

·         Inbuilt inflation pump

·         Inflates and deflates within a minute

·         Compact and lightweight


·         Needs reclining to avoid pushing the head forward

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3.      J-Pillow For Best Selling Global Travel Pillow

The unique and revolutionary 3D J shape of the J pillow has made it one of the best-selling travel pillows all over the world. It also won the British Innovation award in the year 2013. Hence, this pillow that has a minimalist design will not disappoint you.

J pillow uses the first-rate material that will not wear off after you use the pillow for a period. Also, the pillow incorporates high-quality 3D polyester fiver fillings that add smoothness as well as springiness to the device.

The pillow is then covered in an extremely plush and soft material that will cuddle your skin. This material is also friendly to sensitive skin. J pillow is a brilliantly designed pillow. The rounded part of the J will curl under your chin. It will even cradle your neck and cushion the side of your head and back.

This will give you comfort that will prevent you from snapping awake during the journey. It will also keep your head elevated, preventing stiffness. Besides, the pillow is very easy to carry and compact. Also, the pillow is resistant to sweat. This means that it will maintain good hygiene throughout the journey.


·         Perfect for cramped spaces

·         Prevents head bobbing

·         Easy to wash

·         Compact and lightweight

·         Perfect for napping upright


·         Needs readjusting for leaning on the opposite side

·         Encounter friction from airplanes headrest

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4.      Cloudz Microbread For Best Microbread Travel Pillow

Millions of people all over the world have trusted this microbead pillow for 15 years. This is because the pillow offers significant comfort during long flights. Cloudz has been made with very soft and warm plush material on one side. The other side is made with cool soothing spandex.

Additionally, the outside cover material has fortified double sewn seams that will provide you with flexibility during flights. Besides, the inside of the pillow is filled with millions of ultra-premium Comforlite microbeads. They are very tiny polystyrene that ensure the pillow has the required softness.

Also, you can adjust the pillow to any sitting or sleeping position to gain your preferred comfort. Besides, the pillow is versatile enough to also act as lumbar support. The snap closure will allow you to secure the pillow around your neck so that your head does not fall.

Also, Cloudz has been designed so that it can remain compact and portable. Thus, it is easy to carry and handle. The spandex material on the pillow also provides resistance to sweat which means the pillow offers good hygiene.


·         Uniform thickness at ends and center

·         Firm upright support

·         Dual warm and cool comfort

·         Ideal for post-surgery trips


·         Doesn’t have a travel bad

·         Not machine washable

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