We all have that kind of "friend," you know ...that guy or girl we don't really like because of their annoying personality or because we see "something" in them that doesn't quite fit in. These five products  are perfect for giving away and showing your feelings in a very subtle way... or not.

Horrible Gift #1: A Book On How To Quit Porn

Imagine that you are in a Christmas meeting or maybe you're invited to a birthday, and your friend Timmy receives this gift from a good friend who wholeheartedly wants him to live a happier and fuller life.

This book will help you "get rid of this behavioral addiction (to porn) for good, so you can take back control and gain motivation to do what you want in life."

And although it's a thoroughly scientific and well-written book, we don't think it's advisable to give it away in public...

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Horrible Gift #2: The Subtle Butt: Disposable Gas Neutralizers

What a time to be alive! Now we can fart with no smell thanks to these "neutralizers" made of activated carbon to filter the microbes and gases that come out of your ass and try to pass through your underwear.

If your friend smells terrible and can't control their intestinal movements, these "thin, discreet, disposable" pads can help them.

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Horrible Gift #3: A Boyfriend Pillow

Ok. If your friend Tina doesn't have a boyfriend and is raising an unusual amount of cats, maybe this gift is perfect for her. And believe us: The message is quite direct and not subliminal at all:

"I wish you sleep in a comfortable posture."

What? You thought the message was to "Tina, go find a boyfriend!"? Come on! We would never want to hurt her feelings!

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Horrible Gift #4: A Full Body Suit

This is the perfect gift to highlight your friend's beautiful figure! We have no other way of describing it.

You can tell her that it is the perfect complement for such a beautiful woman, or that it is the detail she needed to dazzle on such a special occasion.

Without a doubt, a dress that will attract attention (good or bad... your decide)

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Horrible Gift #5: A Can With 16oz of Dehydrated Water. NEW Formula!

Finally, a food that is 100% healthy!

If you have a vegan friend, multigender, gluten and lactose intolerant, millennial friend, who cares about their health and doesn't eat sugars because they raise cholesterol, but also doesn't consume a lot of fats because they are harmful, and believes a lot of proteins alters the metabolism, well, this is the perfect snack!

Is there anything better than a cup of 100% healthy dehydrated water to refresh yourself after a yoga session? A 16 oz serving of dehydrated water yields 16 oz of hydrated water. Just add water, and you're done!

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If you really want to buy a present for a person you don't like... Maybe it would be better to NOT BUY a present at all... But any of these products will do the trick, either by making someone angry or by causing a nice laugh.

And if you want to buy a super cool product for that special friend, you may want to check out our article on five Amazing Amazon items you don't need but would still buy at the first chance

Good Luck!

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