One way of ensuring that you keep up your workout routine when you travel is through an exercise band. These bands will let you work out in the smallest of spaces whether you are at home, in an office, or at the gym.

Besides, resistant bands will help you add some extra resistance to your training so that you can build your muscles. Depending on the type of band, you can work out your entire body bit by bit. There are also different types of exercise bands in the market.

These include compact resistance bands, lateral resistance bands, figure-eight bands, ring resistance bands, flat resistance bands, lateral resistance bands, clip tube resistance bands, and pull-up resistance bands.

Each of these is designed to help you achieve a certain goal and to help you achieve a far-reaching set of exercises. But before you buy your band, there are things that you should consider. For starters, a good exercise band should have perfect tension.

Second, consider whether the band offers extra accessories such as a storage bag. This will help you keep all your exercise kit in one place. Third, look for bands that have ankle cuffs if you want to work out your lower body.

Ankle cuffs with reliable Velcro fasteners will keep your feet safe. Lastly, get bands that have integrated handles. This will, however, depend on the exercise you want to perform. Overall, ensure that the handle is comfortable in your hands.

1.      Fit Simplify Loop Bands For Best Overall

Resistance bands will give you an amazing workout whether you are at the gym or at home. This is because they give you the right amount of resistance you need to train your muscles. Besides, this equipment will only take up minimal space in the room.

This is where fit simplify comes in. The product comes in 5 bands. Each of these bands will give you a different level of resistance. Therefore, if you are a beginner, you can use the extra light bands. You can then increase your resistance from there.

The features of these bands are also amazing. It is made from 100 percent eco-friendly latex. This material is also gentle on the skin. Thus, you can wear the bands anywhere you go if you want to add resistance to your daily activities.

Fit Simplify is also very affordable. You will also get a travel bag as an accessory when you by the product. Also, there is a complimentary eBook as well as an instruction guide that will illustrate how to use the product. Find a full Fit Simplify review here.

Best features:

·         High-end exercise band

·         Has multiple uses

·         Excellent with any workout

·         The quality is superior

·         Eco-friendly

·         eBook and Instruction Guide present

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2.      INTEY Pull Up Assist Exercise For Best Pull Ups

If you want to perfect your pull up game, then this will prove to be the perfect band for you. The INTEY assist band will give you weight assistance every time you try to perfect your pull up. Eventually, you will have the strength to do pull-ups on your own.

The INTEY set comes with four bands with each having a different range level of resistance. This makes the band a good choice for beginners. However, they might not be the best option for advanced people.

The INTEY bands are made using high-quality material. Also, there is an additional 2-year return policy in case the band's beak. Here is a full pull up exercise band review.

Best features:

·         Affordable

·         Quality construction

·         Excellent resistance

·         Multifunctional

·         Great safety

·         Very durable


·         Not suitable for advanced trainers

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3.      Fitness Insanity For Best Set

Fitness Insanity has created a set of bands that are meant to be stackable. This makes it easier to add your resistance as well as tension as you work out. This set has a total of 5 color-coded bands. The lighter the color the less resistant the band is.

However, all the bands are 48 inches long. Also, the bands have been designed in a way that allows them to work together to achieve ultimate exercise progression. Hence, you can build up to the final band which holds a total of 150 pounds of resistance.

Other equipment in the set include handles, door anchors, exercise guides, ankle strap, and a carrying case. The Fitness Insanity manufacturer uses rubber to enhance the quality of these exercise equipment.

Hence, the bands that you acquire are professional. You can also use these items at home since they do not occur significant space. To ensure comfort, the handles have been made ergonomically. You will, therefore, have the utmost cushion when working out.

A book is also provided that will give you different exercise options to challenge yourself. Find a full Fitness Insanity review here.

Best features:

·         Has everything needed for a complete workout

·         The high-quality rubber material

·         Varying resistance in color codes

·         Ergonomically made handles

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4.      SPRI Xertube Braided For Best Muscle Builder

The SPRI resistant bands have four tubes. The four tubes are braided together to create a piece of workout equipment that will push you to your limits. Also, this design has made the SPRI braided tube very durable.

These bands can, therefore, be used in the most brutal workouts. They also have 5 different resistance levels. However, if you want these different resistant levels, you will have to buy them separately.

Like the Fit Insanity bands, the SPRI bands are also color-coded with regards to their resistance levels. The braided design is also what gives the band its dependability and durability. This is also why the band is perfect for building muscles.

The advantage of using these bands is that you do not have to worry about them breaking in the middle of your workout. Also, the handles on the bands are made to be comfortable. A grip is included in the handle that will not tie your hands throughout the workout.

Hence, they are safe to use. Find a full SPRI Xertube review here.

Best features:

·         Four tubes braided together

·         Very durable

·         Excellent safety

·         Offers different color-coded resistant levels


·         You will but the different resistant levels separately

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