Did you know that indoor air is often much worse than outdoor air? I bet you also did not know that, on average, you spend 90 percent of your time indoors. This is why you need a quality air monitor that can measure air pollutants such as VOCs, particulate matter (PM), Carbon monoxide (CO), and humidity in your house. This review provides a list of 4 of the best indoor air quality monitors for your home.

Best Indoor Air Quality Monitors

1.      Awair 2nd Edition Quality Monitor For Best Stylish

Is your house made of wood finishing or wooden floors? Are you a massive fun of stylish wooden furniture? Then Awair will fit perfectly in your home. Its alarm clock size will also make it great for placing anywhere in your house.

But Awair will not just add to the beauty of your house. It is an excellent performer. It carries all the features that you would expect in a quality air monitor. The device provides an exquisite but straightforward display.

Besides, it measures a good range of air quality parameters such as Carbon dioxide, humidity, PM 2.5, temperature, and TVOCs. Awair will uniquely display the results in a dotted graphical style. The graph is large enough to be read from across the room.

After reading, the device will then give you the overall Awair score. You can also hide this score by changing the device to a digital clock. An additional feature of this device that makes it unique is the incorporation of the built-in Wi-Fi and Awair+ technology.

These two features will enable you to connect the device to your smartphone. Other devices that it can connect to include Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Nest. As a result, you can control these devices based on their air quality.

Awair will give you endless possibilities if you especially live in a smart home. The Awair app will also make it possible for you to track the quality of your air from any location. You will have access to recommendations on how you can improve the quality of your air as well.


·         Clear display

·         Elegant and stylish design

·         The app is user-friendly

·         Compatible with smart home technology


·         Reported cases of poor quality control

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2.      AirMentor 2 For Most Sensitive

This is one of the most sensitive air monitors in the market. It carries 4 industrial-grade sensors that can detect up to 4 different types of pollutants. They can also detect humidity and temperature. Some of the things that the device can detect include CO2, CO, PM 10, VOCs, and PM 2.5.

Another additional features on this device is Wi-Fi connectivity. You can also view the measurements from the device in real-time on your smartphone using an app. Thus, you will be able to track your air quality data, analyze it, and adopt the suggestions you get for improving the quality of air through the app.

Since the device is small in size, you can hang it anywhere in your home. AirMentor will not produce any noise while it is in use, even though it records data every minute. However, since the device is from Europe, it might be challenging to get tech support.


·         Fanless and silent

·         Can detect CO and formaldehyde

·         Industrial grade sensors

·         Records data each minute


·         Hard to reach tech support

·         No battery

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3.      AirVisual Pro by IQAir For Best Overall

AirVisual Pro has been named the “World’s Smartest Air Quality Monitor.” Let us see why. AirVisual Pro starts with an excellent interface. It presents a clear, bright, and large 5 inch LED display that can be viewed across the room.

It then follows with high-quality professional-grade sensors. For instance, the PM 2.5 sensor can measure up to 0.3 microns of particulate matter size. The sensors can also measure temperature, CO2, and humidity in real-time.

Also, the app for this device is said to be the best among all air quality monitors. This could be a result of its excellent wireless connectivity. Besides, you can either leave the device plugged in back at home, or you can carry it with you as you travel.

This means that you can also use it to get the quality of the air outside your home. The device will clearly show you your air quality measurements, Wi-Fi signal, time, battery life, weather forecast, and health recommendations.

However, the device has several disadvantages. One, it cannot measure VOCs in your home. Second, the battery only lasts up to 3.5 hours. Also, the device can only measure homes that are up to 1076 square feet. Most homes are an average of 2600 square feet.

Nevertheless, you should not dismiss the device. Besides, it will allow you to connect with other devices through the IFTTT applet. Overall, the features make it the best air quality monitor in the market.


·         Interface easy to use

·         Forecasts air quality

·         Stylish and sleek design


·         Does not measure VOCs

·         Only measures up to 1076 square feet

·         3.5-hour battery life

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4.      Temtop M2000C For Best Portable

Temtop M2000C has been designed in a manner that allows you to hold it making it very portable. This means that you can carry it with you wherever you go. Besides, the professionally graded air quality monitor has been packaged in a format that is easy to use.

Temtop M2000C will measure CO2, PM 10, humidity, PM 2.5, and temperature for you. The TFT LCD display on the device also makes it easy for you to view the graphical readings in real-time. Besides portability, the device is also ergonomic and lightweight.

The most advantageous feature of this device is that it can take CO2, PM 10, and PM 2.5 measurements to levels that are as low as zero. What this means is that it can detect even the smallest particles that are likely to harm you and your family.

Other excellent features on this device include a color-coded alert bar that indicated the status of the air quality, an alert system in case there are air issues, and an easy to use interface. Also, the battery is rechargeable, and it lasts 6 hours before a new charge.


·         Awesome video and audio quality

·         Many install options

·         Remote monitoring and activation


·         Reported cases of inaccuracy

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