Grooming your pets regularly is important. Not just because it will keep you from having to clean loose hairs from around your house. But also because it will improve the health of your pet’s skin and coat.

But getting the right grooming tools is the most essential part of this exercise. There are many grooming brushes in the market. This review reduces the hustle for you by giving you a list of 4 of the best that you should consider buying.

1.      Furminator Deshedding Tool For Best Overall

If you have a dog, then you know that shedding can be a big problem. This makes it mandatory to buy tools that will help you to pull out any long hairs from your dog. This is where the Furminator Deshedding brush comes in.

This is the most recommended grooming tool by pet owners. It is a perfect brush for pets that have short and long hair. Besides, the brush is available in 5 sizes. These include extra-large, large, medium, small, and very small.

Furminator Deshedding will diminish your shedding to about ninety percent. The stainless deshedding edges on the brush will touch the deep underneath of your pet. As a result, they will remove all the hairs that might be loose.

Also, the small teeth will collect any dead hair without causing damage to the coat. Another impressive feature of this brush is its ergonomic design. The handle is very comfortable. It also makes it easy to brush your pet’s hair.

This design will also reduce shedding. Also, you can easily clean the brush by pressing the eject button. The brush can also be controlled when used for a long period. To ensure that you have the maximum output, use the brush after you bath and dry your pet.

A dry coat is easy to shred. Also, use a slicker brush to remove any present mats on your pet. This will also prevent your pet from feeling any pain. Find a full Furminator Deshedding review here.

Best features:

·         Ergonomic handle

·         Ejector button removes loose hairs from the brush

·         Stainless steel edges to reach underneath and remove loose hairs

·         Easy to handle and use

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2.      Oster Shedmonster For Best Shedidng Tool

If what you have been looking for is a tool that will reach deep into your pet’s coat and remove any long hairs, then you have found the right one. Oster Shedmonster will carefully groom your pet without damaging its skin and coat.

Oster Shedmonster features a stainless steel material. It also features curved teeth that will reach deep into the coat of your pet. Even though the teeth look scary, they have very smooth edges that will not hurt your pet.

These edges have also been designed to be round so that you can massage your pet as you brush it. Besides, Oster Shedmonster is made with an ergonomic handle that is also non-slip. The handle is also very sturdy.

Hence, washing your pet with this brush will be easy and comfortable. Oster Shedmonster will remove ninety percent of shedding on your pets. It can also be used on long or short hair. This is one brush that you should consider buying. Find a full Oster Shedmonster review here.

Best features:

·         Stainless steel design

·         Smooth edges that massage the skin

·         Has an ergonomic handle

·         The handle material is non-slip

·         Easy and comfortable to use

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3.      Kong Zoom Groom For Best Grooming

This is another grooming brush that is perfect for removing loose hair and stimulating the natural oils on the skin and coat of your pet. The rubber bristles massage the body of the pet as you brush. Also, the brush comes in two sizes which include a regular and small size.

While this brush is recommended for all pets, it is not the best option for removing loose hair. This is because the loose hair will stick on the bristles. The pulling of these hairs will also make the process painful for the pet.

Nevertheless, the rubber bristles in the King Zoom brush are more comfortable than metal bristles. These rubber bristles are also mild. Hence, they can be used in sensitive areas such as the belly, paws, and ears.

You can also use this brush as a shampoo brush when washing your pet. It will clean the skin of your pet and remove any hidden rubbish and dirt. The massage action that this brush offers will also calm your pet. Find a full Kong Zoom review here.

Best features:

·         Efficient quality performance

·         Available in two sizes

·         Perfect for removing hair


·         Not good for long hair

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4.      Safari Pet Pin & Bristle Brush For Short Hair

Safari will provide you with two essential grooming tools. One side of this two-sided brush is a bristle brush while the other side is a pin brush. The bristle brush is effective in distributing natural oils as well as smooth brushing your pet.

The pin brush is effective in lifting the hairs as well as the debris out of your pet’s body. Hence, the quality of this brush is unmatched. Nevertheless, it is perfect for grooming pets with short hair. It will reduce shedding, tangles, as well as mats effectively.

Safari Pet Pin & Bristle Brush will also improve the health of the coat and skin on your pet. Besides, this brush as an ergonomic handle with a comfortable grip that will make it easy and safe to use.

Remember to always brush your pet in the direction of hair growth. This is from the head to the tail. Also, try and use flowing strokes so that they can separate the hairs. But, if you want to fluff the coat, you can brush against the direction of hair growth.

For matted coats, you can use a comb so that the mats can be removed. Find a full Safari review here.

Best features:

·         Best for short hair

·         Spreads natural oils

·         Provides a healthy and shiny pet coat

·         Perfect for small and medium-sized dogs

·         Soft and fair bristles

·         Removes any debris and hair on the pet

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