There is more to watching television than having a big screen and perfect resolution. Buy one of these four mounts to make your experience more flexible and satisfying.

Every regular Tom, Dick, and Harry owns a huge TV today. After all, the prices are affordable, and the quality of television is excellent. Nevertheless, a huge TV will need a very sturdy and reliable mount.

The mount should also be easy to adjust. This will make it easy to access the ports and the screen adjustment systems. Here is a list of 4 of the best TV wall mounts that you should consider to buy in 2020.

1.      Sanus Advanced Tilt Premium Mount For Best Overall

If you have a television screen that is above 65 inches, then you will require a mount that will support maximum tilt range. In that case, do not go much further than the Sanus mount. It will help you access the ports from a 5.7-inch extension range.

Thus, you can also insert the cables or remove them without interfering with the television's position. Besides, your large TV will not hit the wall when it tilts. Also, this mount reduces the glare making it perfect for locations that are above the eye level.

Sanus is also very versatile. They can fit almost any of the VESA patterns. The open wall gate design will also allow you to mount your television over electrical outlets. You can keep a neat appearance with the mount by hiding any cables or plugs.

This premium mount also offers other features that include level adjustment, side to side shift, and post-installation height. It is also compatible with SASP1 streaming device panels.


·         Maximum tilt range

·         Safety features

·         Can be used in public places

·         Compatible with many VESA patterns

·         Good for large TVs

·         Can hide the outlet, cables, and plugs

·         Positioning shifting and adjustment after installation

·         Easy to install


·         Expensive

·         Shaky looking brackets

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2.      VideoSecu ML531BE Mount For Best Easy Installation

VideoSecu has a full motion swivel articulating extension arm. This makes it possible to pull the television from the wall for about 20 inches. Hence, this is arguably the best full motion TV wall mount.

Besides, the installation process of the device is straightforward. The steel plate that comes with VideoSecu has adjustable arms that can fit most VESA patterns. Also, this mount can hold televisions that are up to 88 pounds.

Also, the level can be adjusted once the installation is complete. Additionally, once you have mounted the television, you can tilt it forward or backward at an angle of 15 and 5 degrees, respectively.

You can also swivel your television to the left and right at 180 degrees as well as rotate it according to your needs. VideoSecu ensures that these movements are smooth and that they require no additional equipment.

Also, the mount has special hooks that will allow you to position adjustment easily and without resistance. Since the mount has a low profile, it can fit well in a smaller room. And you can hide all the cables behind the TV.


·         Motion is full range

·         Removable steel VESA plate

·         Action and movement is smooth

·         2-inch extension on the bracket

·         Offers flexible viewing options

·         Low profile

·         One person can install it


·         Cable management uses a stiff plastic

·         Bringing it to level can be tiresome

·         Level changes once the bracket is extended

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3.      Mounting Dream Mount For Best Articulating Mount

If you want a universal mount, then the Mounting Dream is the option for you. It can fit all sorts of TVs, including Plasma Flat screens, LED, and LCD TVs. However, these televisions should not weigh more than 99 pounds.

The features that are included in this mount are a tilt, rotation functions, swivel, and a Full Motion Swivel Articulating Dual Arms. You can also optimize your viewing experience using the bracket 5 degrees tilt-up, or 15 degrees tilt down.

This will reduce any possible glare as well as give access to the ports on the TV. Also, you can swivel the TV to the right or left at a 45-degree angle. For post-installation adjustments, the mount can rotate about 3 degrees in every direction.

The Mounting Dream dual arms can be pulled out from the mount or retracted from the wall to adjust the TV. Other features that make this device great include its VES compatibility and its easy installation.

The mount works perfectly with a 4k TV because of how easily it can move around. Thus, you can enjoy quality screen experience regardless of your position in the room.


·         Maximum viewing flexibility

·         Easy and flexible positioning

·         Sturdy build

·         Holds the position

·         Moves smoothly

·         Fits almost all TVs under 55 inch

·         Easy installation

·         Adjustable post installation


·         Stiff when new

·         Tilting requires an Allen wrench

·         Leveling function is slightly hard to use

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4.      ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating Mount For Big TVs

If you own a Samsung, Vizio, Sony, or LG TV, this mount could serve you well. Besides, ECHOGEAR is very easy to install as well as to adjust. It has also been designed with a full-motion feature that provides significant space behind the TV.

This makes it easy to adjust knobs, access all the ports, and screw in any final touches. Also, the mount makes it easy to connect an outdoor antenna. Any cables and jacks can be hidden behind the TV to keep the area neat.

TVs that are up to 70 inches can be moved using this device because of its extension features. However, each situation is specific. Besides, the TV can swivel 130 degrees left to right. It can also be tilted 15 degrees to prevent the distortion of images or the occurrence of glare.

ECHOGEAR can easily be tucked into the wall. It remains 2.6 inches away from the wall when retracted. Besides, this mount has been made to hold TVs that weigh up to 132 pounds. This is due to the wide range of screws offers, its sturdy nature, as well as its perfect build.


·         Sturdy build

·         Easy to mount

·         Low profile once retracted

·         Easy to level and adjust

·         Perfect for huge TVs

·         Design is Full Motion

·         The movement is smooth


·         Might need extra screws

·         Hardware not labeled per the instructions

·         Difficult to center on studs that are on 16-inch centers

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