There is a time to drink wine straight from the bottle. But there is also a time to sit down, pour your wine in a glass, and enjoy the smoothness and the aroma it provides. Nevertheless, this requires a glass that complements the exquisite nature of the best wine.

If you have been to a wine tasting event, you already know that some glasses work better than others. The different shapes of wine glasses affect the position and the density of vapors in and around the rim and the opening of the glass.

Wine vapor is significant because it represents the majority of the wine flavors. Therefore, it is imperative to have the best wine glasses if you are to fully enjoy the experience of your wine. Here is a review of 4 of the best wine glasses in the world.

1.      Schott Zwiesal For Best Burgundy Red Wine Glass

This is a pure Burgundy glass. The bowl is dramatically angled and the stem is dignified. This makes it one of the few glasses in the world that has kept the traditional wine glass look. Nevertheless, this beautifully designed wine glass is aesthetically the best wine for varieties in the market.

Besides, the glass is designed with a sharp and crisp line. Hence, the glass has a geometric look. Also, the glass in manufactured using the patented Tritan technology. This, the glass is resistant to micro fractures such as scratching, chipping, and thermal shocks.

Additionally, this glass is one hundred percent less likely to break or chip if you use it every day. Besides, the glass is among the only ones manufactured by the company to be environmentally friendly since the glass is lead-free.

Also, you can wash the glass in a dishwasher. However, ensure that you place the glass correctly so that you can reduce the chances of breakage. This set of glasses will not disappoint you.

Best features:

·         Excellent design

·         Environmentally friendly manufacturing; lead-free

·         Very durable

·         Dishwasher safe

·         Resistant to micro fractures

·         Affordable

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2.      Reidel Vinum ZinfandelRiesling For Best Elegant All Purpose Wine Glass

Reidel is among the most elegant wine glasses that you can use every day. The glass is exquisite and it works well with both white and red wine. The tulip-shaped bowl and elongated design also enable the aromas to reach the nose perfectly.

The glasses also have a laser-cut rim that is seamless on the edge of the lips. Reidel will shine bright when you place it under the light. The glass is also dishwasher safe and it is made from very durable material.

Besides, the glass has a balanced design. The thin glass will allow you to focus on the wine since the glass will feel invisible. Also, the glass has a narrow stem and intricately designed thin rims that make it worth its price.

Reidel is known as the number one company in the stemware industry. Hence, their glasses are known to last long periods. However, the seam on the glass is very slight. Regardless, this beautiful glass is worth its price.

Best features:

·         Perfect exquisite and elegant design

·         The shape enables the aromas to reach the nose easily

·         Seamless on the lips

·         Very durable

·         Dishwasher safe

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3.      Libbey Signature Kentfield For Best All Purpose Wine Glass

This is the best all-purpose wine glass in the market. It weighs 16 ounces, it has a tulip shape, and it is chosen as the best by experts around the world. Libbey was also chosen as the best wine glass to showcase the aromas of both white and red wine.

Also, this glass has a design that allows for daily use. The classic look it provides will never go out of style. Libbey is also very durable and practical. You can use them for parties or your daily dinners with your family.

These glasses can be washed in a dishwasher. Besides, the shape of the glass is designed so that it can preserve the delicate nuances of white wine while at the same time offer the wine enough room to swirl and breathe.

Libbey has a perfect balance between the diameter of the base, the stem of the glass, and the size of the bowl. The ClearFire formula used to make the glasses tend to sparkle when they are placed under direct light.

The thickness of the glass also makes it durable. Libbey is one of the oldest wine glass manufacturing companies. Hence, it offers a 25-year manufacturer chip warranty. However, competitor glasses are lighter and more elegantly designed than the Libbey wine glass.

Best features:

·         Best all-purpose glass

·         Showcases aromas beautifully

·         Classic timeless look

·         Dishwasher safe

·         Very durable and practical

·         Very affordable

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4.      Tossware 14oz Stemmed Vino For Best Recyclable Wine Glass

This 14oz stemmed Tossware glass is another wine glass that is perfect for both red and white wine. Tossware is also perfect for Merlot, Chardonnay, cocktails, Cabernet, and Pinot Noir. This is because all these drinks taste good in this glass.

Besides, the glass is excellently designed. The 8-inch height provides enough space for holding as well as daily use. The glass is also shatterproof and recyclable. Hence, it is hard to break if dropped accidentally.

The material used to make the glass is a high-quality polymer. This material ensures that the rims ate extra clear and thin. The thinness of the rims will ensure that you only experience the taste of the wine without the distraction of the glass.

Hence, you will easily enjoy the smoothness of the drink. Tossware is also popular glasses because of their patented features. This is the interlocking stackability feature that will allow you to attach as well as to detach the stem from the bowl.

Therefore, you can have a stem glass in one swift movement. This design will also give you two looks that include a modern stemless look and a classy stemmed look. Moreover, this glass is very affordable without losing its practicality and durability.

Best features:

·         For very versatile drinks

·         Very thin and clear rims

·         Recyclable and shatterproof

·         Can attach and detach the stem from the bowl

·         Very durable

·         8-inch stem height

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