This review presents a list of 5 of the best car phone holders that you can buy in the market. Make your driving experience more convenient by following this buying guide.

You do not have to risk your life while driving. Technology has already provided many devices that make your car riding experience much safer and convenient. Such is the work of a car phone holder. This little kit is a useful tool that will allow you to use your phone as you navigate your way through roads.

A car phone holder will also allow you to communicate and entertain yourself hands-free. Besides, they ensure that your phone remains safe as you travel on bumpy roads. There are certain things that you should consider when you are buying your phone mount.

First, consider the interior of your car. For instance, if the windshield of your car rises too high on the dashboard, then you will not have room to install a windshield-mounted device. Second, consider the nature of your phone.The weight of your phone is crucial to the type of car holder that you buy.

For instance, a large phone is best used on a magnetic holder. Lastly, consider the way you want to use your holder. This includes the consistency of use, the angle you want to place your phone, and whether you want a charger or not.

Best Car Phone Holders

1.      iOttie Easy One Touch 4 For Best Rated

This is currently the best-rated phone holder because of how easy it is to mount your phone. Additionally, it is very secure on the dashboard or the windshield of your car. It also features an easy one-touch mechanism that makes it easy to mount and remove your phone with a single hand gesture.

iOttie Touch 4 also has a telescopic arm that will help you change the position of your phone easily. This will give you excellent screen visibility, even though you are traveling on a bumpy road. The iOttie downloadable app also uses GPS positioning to pin and position your last parking position.

The installation process is also simple since it has a suction cup that is attached to a dashboard pad that is designed very specifically. It also provided two audiobooks that you can use and instead fix your eyes on the road.


·         Compatible with all phones

·         Can be mounted on windshield or dashboard

·         Easy to install

·         A very steady phone mount

·         One-touch technology


·         Not durable in sunny areas

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2.      TechMatte Mag Grip For Best Magnet

The TechMatte is one of the best-rated car phone holders because they have potent magnets and they can hold just about any phone in place. The installation process for this device is also easy. It requires sliding the device in the CD slot and tightening the side knot only.

Installation that is done right does not come off even when the car is experiencing a bumpy ride. The security of this device comes from the two magnetic metal plates. One of these plates has an adhesive surface that is placed on the back of your phone. The other plate is placed between the case and your phone.

Another advantage of using the TechMatte is that it can rotate easily. Therefore, you can switch your phone through the landscape and the portrait position.


·         Very strong magnetic hold

·         Hold devices in different orientations

·         Compatible with different smartphones

·         Attached to dashboard or windshield

·         Magnets do not affect phones appearance

·         Easy to install and use


·         Plastic may melt in hot areas

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3.      Bestrix Universal For Premium Choice

Bestrix has rubber pads that will help you to fix the device in place during installation. Also, they come in three different sizes. One size can attach the stereo of your car. The absence of screws also makes the installation process straightforward and straightforward.

The only thing that is required during installation is adjusting the one-touch lock lever. After installation, the cradle of this device will be able to hold many GPSes and phones in place. Nevertheless, it only holds devices that are between 3.5 inches and 6 inches in a diagonal position.

Also, the case will remain supported if the phone is not bulky. Another feature that is present on this device is the button which is positioned at the back of the cradle. This button releases the side grips, and as a result, your phone will remain secure.


·         Does not damage the cars stereo

·         Quick-release feature

·         Easy to use and install

·         Offers phone rotation

·         Very firm


·         Does not hold large phones

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4.      Spigen Kuel K40 For Best Navigation

Spigen is very attractive as well as a functional car phone holder. However, this device is only able to hold phones in the landscape position. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a car phone holder for the primary purpose of navigation, this is the option for you.

The device has reusable gel pads that keep the phone steady when in motion. Also, these pads can adhere to any curved or flat position on your car's dashboard. Besides, the pads are made with an internal TPU material that will prevent your car from scratching or buffing once you have mounted your phone.

The sharp design of this phone holder is complemented by its universal compatibility, which makes it perfect for just about any phone in the market. Also, it is very convenient when removing or mounting the phone.


·         Universal compatibility with phones

·         Perfect for navigation

·         Stylish phone holder

·         Easy to remove and mount the phone

·         Reusable gel pads

·         Fits well on flat and curved surfaces


·         Only holds the phone in landscape position

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5.      Affordable Universal For Best Budget

Are you are on a budget but you still want to buy a car phone holder that is functional and universal? Then go no further than the affordable universal phone holder. This device is capable of holding just about any smartphone that has a display of up to 6.1 inches. This is inclusive of the phone case.

Affordable universal has a jaw that is loaded with springs. This feature secures the phone in place without any problems. Also, the device has a 360-degree clip design that attaches to the windshield directly through a suction cup.

On the other hand, you can mount this device on your dashboard in either a vertical or a horizontal position.


·         Very affordable

·         Universal compatibility with smartphones

·         360-degree rotation capabilities

·         Very secure and durable


·         Can have excessive movement

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