The world is abuzz with love and excitement. Why is that? The month of love is here and lovers are already planning their getaways. Valentine’s Day is a day when lovers all over the world try to be more romantic with their partners. Whether you are in a relationship that just started a short while ago or a long one, this is the perfect opportunity for you to spoil your better half and make them fall in love with you all over again!

You might be thinking of spending only the night away from home or maybe you planned a few-day holiday for the special day, there are a lot of places that you can visit for this valentine season.

True, the world is so huge that taking out only a few places and setting them aside as the only special places will be inappropriate, but then, that does not take anything away from the fact that there are a lot of places you can visit with your loved ones that will make for a very memorable outing and will linger in their thoughts for a long time.

If you are planning an outing with that special person in your life for Valentine’s Day, check out the 5 places highlighted in this article for a unique getaway day (or night) with your flame for an unforgettable celebration of love:

1. Paris, France

Well, that this city is toppling this list should not come as a surprise. The city is not called “The City of Love” for nothing. There are a lot of romantic places to be visited in the city. For instance, you could indulge your sweet tooth at any one of the many patisseries that are dotting around the cobbled street and visit one of the most popular architectures in the world - the Eiffel Tower.

You can as well take a walk under the starry sky in the Piece d’Eau des Suisses garden too. There is even this general belief that kissing your partner at the Temple of Love will make your love stronger. The temple is there in Paris.

There is an uncountable number of things that can be done and places to visit in Paris that if you have the time to spoil your partner, your relationship will never come back the same way you left.

2. Las Vegas

This city is the ultimate destination for unexpectedly romantic lovers. Although it might not exude the level of romanticism in Paris, there are a lot of places to visit where you can seal or define your love adventure in Las Vegas.

Some of such places include a visit to The Strip, a place in Vegas with a lot of hotels, casinos, resorts, restaurants, nightclubs, and museums. Aside from the strip, you can also go to the Bellagio Fountains and Conservatory Gardens, the Valley of Fire in the State Park of Nevada, Lake Mead, the Mob Museum, and the Cirque du Soleil. There’s even an Eiffel Tower, Paris in Las Vegas.

More places to visit in Las Vegas include the Fremont Street, the Vegas Indoor Skydiving, and the Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat where you can see yourself coming face to face with white tigers, leopards, lions, and dolphins. There is also the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas, and the Bryce Canyon National Park. Believe it when you are told that you’ll never run out of places to visit in Las Vegas.

3. Bali, Indonesia

This island will definitely be one of your favorite destinations in the world. Get yourself a travel package and end up in Bali, you will be left astonished. Aside from those nightcrawlers who are used to nightlife, Bali will even offer more in terms of romanticism than Las Vegas.

There will be no shortage of romantic places to visit in Bali like, the Uluwatu Temple, the Seminyak Beach, Jet Skiing at The Nusa Dua, surfing at the Balangan Beach, Jimbaran Beach, Menjangan Island. You can as well like to have cocktails at the Potato Head Beach Club, visit the Ubud Monkey Forest, hike on Mount Batur and you can also watch dolphins at sunrise.

4. Bangkok, Thailand

The striking city that never slumbers or ceases to amaze will keep you fascinated. From you trying to try local flavors at street markets and fabulous restaurants to relaxing at the Thai massage parlor, you will never get tired of the city of Bangkok. Of course, you must want to go for that romantic cruise on the Chao Phraya River.

Among others, these are some of the romantic places to be at Bangkok: the Grand Palace, the Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall, Chinatown, the Safari World and Marine Park, the Asiatique Ferris Wheel, the Lumpini Park and of course, The Muang Baron Open Air Museum.

Take your lover on a trip to Bangkok and you might end up trying hard to convince them to leave the city as you will never get tired or out of places to visit. Those visits will definitely sweep your partner off their feet and fall in love with you all over again.

5. Venice, Italy

The floating city of gondolas and canals is the real definition of a romantic holiday. You will surely not run out of places to visit and things to do in Venice. If you’re the type that is high in imagination, you will find it difficult to define whether the city is in reality or in a dream. It just appears to hang between the two. The untimely excitement of the town is definitely going to amaze you and your partner.

There are lots of things to be done in Venice as well as places to visit. Some of those are enjoying the luxury of Saint Peter’s Basilica or the Head of the colorful island of Burano. You can also take a walk over the more than 350 bridges in the city while admiring the reflections of the countless buildings in the water of the canals.

Among places to visit are the Rialto Bridge, the San Giorgio Maggiore, the Alberoni Beach, the Baglioni Hotel Luna. There is also the Doge’s Palace, Teatro La Fenice and the Dorsoduro where you can shop like never before. You can as well go for a cuddlesome ride on the Gondola Ride, or get around with the Vaporetto Ride.

Of course, there is an unending list of places to go in the world to celebrate the Valentine’s Day with your special fellow but if you try out the ones in the list above, you will definitely be glad you did. Who knows, you might even come away with some monument for your personal art collection or just to show off to your friends.