Music is universal. Everybody listens, everybody enjoys, it's just that simple. On PC, there are a multitude of services offering high quality tunes, and they all more or less do the same job. The difference? Some do it better than others. Here at The Daily Shitter, we love to rank things, and this is no different. We present to you, the 5 best services for streaming music.

Number 5: Youtube Music

One of the newer ones, and not quite so perfect, but getting there. Youtube Music is a music streaming platform that Youtube has implemented to make life easier for people who already use Youtube for everything else. For the most part, it gets the job done, there's no denying that. It's UI is based around Spotify, and it acts the part as well. You'll find all the playlists, all the songs, pretty much everything that you'll probably want to listen to is there. But that's expected with every streaming service. What really sets it apart? And that's the main problem, why it's getting a spot at number 5. There is nothing unique about the app, and there's just other applications that can do it better. It's a decent choice, but not the best.

Number 4: Amazon Music

Ah, Amazon. Who would've thought that a shipping company would become a streaming service? And who would've thought that it was actually...pretty good? The prices are varied, so there's something for everybody interested in that HI-FI sound that Amazon's made itself famous for. It has full Amazon Echo and Fire TV support, something that makes it extremely attractive for owners of those respective devices. With those combined, plus the fact that Amazon has all the discographies plus some exclusives, make it a good choice for people looking to switch their sound provider. And if you have Amazon devices already, then this is a GREAT option for you people. Look into it.

Number 3: Tidal

Here at Number 3, we have Tidal. This is the one service whose dedication is not just to music, but also other content such as original documentaries, etc etc. It makes for a fun time scrolling through it's sleek UI, listening to that HI FI sound that makes Tidal stand out among it's peers. One of it's biggest selling points is it's Loseless audio, which makes the service one of the cleanest sounding services of recent memory, making it an absolute joy to listen to. The streaming membership price isn't terribly bad either, clocking in a 10 bucks per month regularly, 4 if you're a student. Not bad, for the amount of content and the sheer quality that you're getting. Not bad at all.

Number 2: Apple Music

Apple Music. When it first launched, I didn't see a future for it. Oh, how wrong I was. Apple Music has since grown into one of the biggest services, just behind Spotify, and for good reason. It's 10 dollars per month, all for one of the biggest discographies, half as many exclusives, and excellent sound quality. It may not be the HI FI that Amazon or Tidal offer, but the sound quality is so good that at a certin point it doesn't even matter. This is one of the services where you get way more than you pay for, and it's absolutely brilliant. Absolutely. Brilliant. With this quality, Apple's managed to pull more than half of Spotify's users within 3 years. That is insane for a service clocking in three years, and it's only going to grow.

Number 1: Spotify

Of course. The king of streaming takes the top spot, as expected. Combining a large library (and we do mean LARGE) with a robust and sleek looking UI, there really is no downside to this wonderful service. They offer two tiers of service, one being the popular Premium version with no ads and  an unlimited skip option. This is a good option, but for Spotify, even the free option gets the job done a lot better than the others on the list. They have Family and Students plans as well, all coming at great rates, for high quality sound that will leave you craving for more. Spotify is the best out there, and there is simply no denying that.