So, what is a smart plug, and why do you need one? You wake up one morning and realize that you are 30 minutes late for work. When you come back in the evening, you discover that you left the iron plugged in together with a bunch of other household appliances.

If this is you, you need a smart plug. This is a plug-in outlet that will transform your home into a high tech home and give you automation powers for your devices. It works by connecting your home Wi-Fi to your existing outlet.

Besides, making your home smart should not cost a fortune. Before you set out to the market to look for your home devices, take a look at these much needed smart plugs reviews to determine the best choice for your home.

Best smart plugs

1.      Belkin Wemo Insight Switch For Best Overall

You are a smart person. Then this Belkin top of the line plug is the option that you seek. It has been rated as the best overall because it is the best in the market. Designed to be versatile, the device works with Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home.

Besides, this device will fit into almost all smart home setups. It will also monitor how you use your energy while at the same time allowing you to turn your appliances on or off using your mobile phone.

If you want to schedule on and of times when using your appliances, you will have the luxury to do that on your phone. This will prove very effective if you have kids and they refuse to go to bed because they are watching TV.

Belkin Wemo also connects to different services and applications from third-party sources that also include the IFTTT automotor tool. The plug is fast and reliable, and its app is very straightforward and clear on both iOS and Android.


·         Wi-Fi enabled with both 3G and 4G ready

·         Easy setup and use

·         Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Nest

·         Part of the modular WeMo system


·         The design is bland and bulky

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2.      Hive Active Plug For Hive Smart Home

If you are a Hive hub fanatic, this smart plug will be the best option for you. It was specially designed to work best with other Hive intelligent home systems. Similar to the Wemo plug, the device will allow you to turn your appliances on and off through the convenience of your mobile device.

You can even set a preset schedule if you want. Besides, the active plus if controlled by Hive apps that can be used in both Android and iOS. Another significant advantage of using this device is that you can schedule your plug with regards to the actions that take place in your house.

For instance, you can set the lamp to come on when the door sensor is triggered. You can also use the Amazon Alexa to control the smart plug. However, this device will only work with the Hive Hub. Thus, it is made for a specific group of people.


·         Easy to use and to set up

·         Part of the Hive Smart Home System


·         Pricey

·         Only compatible with the Hive Hub

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3.      Teckin Smart Plug For Best Budget

Teckin might be a new brand for you but if you want a device that is affordable, easy to use, and compatible with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa then go no further. This versatility makes it possible for you to turn on different devices with your voice.

Teckin’s design is also discreet and modest. You can operate the plug manually, or you can choose to set a schedule using the app. Also, there is a sliding safety cover feature that is added to the device to ensure that children do not poke their fingers in the wrong places.


·         Easy to use and set up

·         Supports both Alexa and Google Assistant

·         Has a sliding safety cover


·         Modest features compared to rivals

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4.      TP-LINK HS110 Smart Plug For Eco-ready Plug

This eco ready smart will provide you will everything that you require to control the devices that you have connected remotely whether you are at home or away from home. But the main feature of this product is the free Kasa app that works with Android and iOS devices.

Kasa app will connect to tour TP smart plug through a wireless router. You can also use your voice to control the device as long as you have the Amazon Echo. However, you will have to buy the Amazon Echo separately.

Besides, the app is straightforward to use, and it will offer you the chance to switch the plug on or off, set schedules that can trigger your devices to either switch on or off automatically, and create other customized actions.

Also, you can use the device on its own or with other TP-Link gear. Apart from working smoothly, the additional advantage of purchasing this product includes energy monitoring. However, you cannot use this plug with Samsung SmartThings or Apple HomeKit.


·         The design is elegant and minimalist

·         Easy to use using the Kasa app

·         Works well with Amazon Echo

·         Energy monitoring


·         Amazon Echo is sold separately

·         It has a bulky size

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5.      Amazon Smart Plug For Covering Basics

If you already own Amazon Echo in your home and you wish to spend an affordable price on your smart plug, then the Amazon Smart Plug is the option for you. This device will cover the basics of any other smart plug for a low price.

Besides, you can control the Amazon Smart plug using your voice. It is also straightforward to use and to set up. However, the device will only work through the Alexa app. This makes it the best smart plug is you are a die-hard fan of the Amazon kit.

Also, the features, as well as functions on the device, are not as many as those of its competitors. But is you already have Amazon gear in your home, then this device will work for you perfectly.


·         Easy to set up and to use

·         Affordable

·         Excellent for Alexa powered home


·         Only works with Alexa

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