Xiaomi is a name that may sound unfamiliar to many westerners; however it is one of the fastest growing brands in Asia. It focuses on building gadgets with the most premium features at the lowest prices possible.

Even though its known for its huge catalog of smartphones, this company basically makes everything from socks and pens to laptops and 70-inches TVs. Here we present a list of only 5 cheap but also cool and interesting gadgets you may be interested in checking out

1) Amazfit Bip / Amazfit GTR

From left to right: Amazfit Bip, Amazfit Verge and Amazfit Stratos | credit ZDNet

Xiaomi has developed a trendy line of smartwatches known for offering a wide range of features at meager prices. The Amazfit Bip is practically the king of smartwatches for its compact design and high-quality features at an unbeatable price. Its battery lasts more than three weeks on one charge and has managed to keep together community of users who are dedicated to sharing watch faces that make the use of this watch a unique experience every day.

Besides this smartwatch, Amazfit offers more elegant options such as the Amazfit Pace, and other more complete alternatives like the Stratos and the brand new GTR Model.

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2) Xiaomi Smart Door Lock

Xiaomi is convinced that the future is in the smart housing trend and the Internet of things, being just as crucial for the firm as its own smartphone business. As an example, this lock allows users to open doors via Bluetooth, NFC connectivity, PIN codes, and even with their fingerprint.

The lock can communicate with other devices such as air conditioning or heating to put it to the user's liking when it detects that they have entered the home and would allow exclusive access to be configured for users (something very beneficial in work environments or to achieve privacy in certain rooms).

You can buy a Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Here

3) Xiaomi Mijia Vacuum Robot Cleaner

The Apple of China is committed to make the life of its users as pleasant as possible. To do so, this robot automatically integrates with an App from Xiaomi that interconnects its devices in the purest Apple style.

It is very cheap compared to other similar alternatives and offers all the features of a premium and powerful smart cleaner. It can clean while the user is not at home, performs a mapping of the house, has sensors to prevent clogging, self-charging capabilities, and suction power of up to 1800 Pa.

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4) HHCC Xiaomi 4 in 1 Plant Flower Care Smart Monitor

The guys at Xiaomi don't just think about humans... They also think about plants.

This interesting device is inserted near your garden and has a database of more than 5000 plants, allowing it to analyze in real-time the growth and needs of your garden while sending directly to your cell phone important information such as brightness, fertility, moisture, and soil temperature. (why..? well, maybe you just LOVE plants... who knows?)

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5) Redmi K20 Pro

What better way to have all your devices interconnected than with a phone of the same brand? The Redmi K20 Pro is one of the ten most powerful phones in the world today, and with a price of around $400, it is also the cheapest one on that list.

This phone crushes a bunch of more premium rivals such as the iPhone XS Max and the Samsung Galaxy S10+ and is the perfect complement for a fan of smart gadgets.

You can buy the Chinese version starting at $380 at TradingShenzhen

Or if you want the international version with the same functionalities and hardware except for a slightly less powerful processor for less than 300 dollars, you can do it here