Google Chrome. We all use it, or most of us, anyways. Whichever side of the coin you fall on, it's undeniable that Chrome is one of the most popular browsers of the last decade. Maybe it's the blazing fast speed. Maybe it's that flawless design. What about the extensions? Undoubtedly, the extensions are part of what makes Chrome, Chrome. It wouldn't be the same without that delightful Web Store. With that in mind, here's 5 extensions from that Store that you are missing out on.

Number 5: Checker Plus for Gmail

Talk about efficiency. This Chrome extension might just be the embodiment of that word. Especially useful for people getting a good amount of emails quickly, Checker Plus for Gmail helps you manage that mail fast without opening a whole separate tab for Gmail. Say you're busy, your browser cluttered with work that needs your attention. You get that email, and instead of having your Gmail tab open 24/7, you have this handy little Chrome extension. It tells you right when your mail has arrived, lets you respond in the extension so you don't have to let go of whatever is on your plate before the email. Or just delete it. Move it to another folder. Whatever the case, this extension insures that your workplace runs a whole hell of a lot faster and more efficient.

Number 4: LastPass

The best password manager out there. Period. It's telling when the company themselves doesn't have access to the encryption used on your password. If you're ever going to use a password manager, use this one. Simply download the extension from the Web Store, register, and set up a master password. Once that's done, you get walked through saving your passwords for all the major services. Google, Facebook, etc. Once the passwords are up, they get encrypted heavily, and that's that. When using a password manager, there is really no downside, especially when you are using something as good as LastPass

Number 3: Signal Private Messenger

A security enthusiast's dream. This Chrome extension's purpose is to provide an end-to-end encrypted messaging system, all for the low price of free. They use time tested encryption tools to back up their service, providing for possibly the most encrypted messaging in a browser you could possibly have. Upon downloading, it will ask for your phone number. You put that in, and it secures your account with your number, making sure that no one ever gets into your account that isn't you. It also has a gorgeous UI that makes it all the more worthwhile to get this application on your Chrome browser. Did we mention: It's even endorsed by Edward Snowden!

Number 2: Ghostery

Any time you browse the inter webs, there will be trackers put onto you, stealing information. That's just the way it goes. Normally, we don't do anything about it, because we don't see how. Well, now you don't have an excuse. Introducing Ghostery, the Chrome extension that can solve the problem of internet privacy. This extension will inform you whenever trackers are watching, and block them automatically. It shows you all the info about your tracker, pretty much everything you need to know that websites won't tell you. On top of all this, it has a state of the art ad-blocker system, making it the perfect all rounder for internet security. Definitely better than just a standard ad-blocker, that's for sure

Number 1: Honey

Honey takes the cake in this list. It's primary function is to help you save money on the items that you shop for. Simply install the extension from the Web Store, leave it running in the background, and Honey will be hard at work finding the best deals for the things you shop for. It could give you coupon codes, or find sites where the desired item is cheaper to purchase. Either way, you can expect to be saving a ton of valuable mula while doing nothing but browsing at your regular schedule. And that's simply the best part. This requires no effort on your part besides installing the extension from the Chrome. That's it. You just sit back and continue your daily routine, and the savings come to you. No more digging around for coupon codes that don't even work half the time. Honey's got you covered.