We already know crypto hardware wallets are the best options for crypto hodlers; however, in a world dominated by Ledger and Trezor, there are A LOT of unnoticed alternatives that might interest you.

Here's a list of 5 great crypto hardware wallets you may not have heard of (and provide a different experience than what you may be used to):

Crypto Hardware Wallet #1: KeepKey

Keepkey is perhaps the most elegant crypto hardware wallet on this list. It is also one of the most comfortable ones to use (and this writer's Wallet of choice, should we add) Its widescreen is not the best one for portability purposes but certainly provides a perfect balance between comfort, durability, and premium feel.

Being backed by ShapeShift, this Wallet supports over 40 cryptos, including of course Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, BNB, Tether, and TrueUSD.

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Crypto Hardware Wallet #2: SecuX W20

SecuX has three different crypto hardware wallets: the W10, the W20, and the V20. The V20 is the most premium and costs around 150USD whereas the W10 is around 90 USD.

The W20 is right in the middle of both and is perfect for those who want the security of a crypto hardware wallet combined with functional and resistant design. The 2.8 inches full-color touch screen with keyboard functionality makes it very comfortable and safe to use.

This device connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and uses a web interface (which does not make this a web wallet). Private keys are stored on a secure element chip, and the Wallet supports the most important tokens on the crypto-verse right now, including BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC and other altcoins such as BCH, DASH, ERC20 tokens and stablecoins.

Buy your SecuX W20 Here

Crypto Hardware Wallet #3: SafePal S1

The Safepal S1 crypto hardware wallet is the only physical Wallet backed by Binance Labs focused on providing a high level of security at the lowest possible cost.

Its design reminds a bit of those old MP3 players, and its construction, although it is made of hard plastic, does not feel cheap at all.

The communication between the device and your smartphone is done through Qr codes, which prevents the need to use any type of connectivity that can be subject to audits or hacking and the level of encryption is among the highest in the world.

Currently, SafePal S1 supports BTC, ETH, BNB and more than 1000 ERC20 & BEP2 cryptos. A little limited (no EOS, TRX and its tokens, no XRP), but still, very functional

Buy your Safepal S1 Here

Crypto Hardware Wallet #4: CoolWallet S

This crypto hardware wallet goes almost unnoticed and is perfect for the forgetful users who don't want to worry about carrying additional devices like a chinky physical device. You can put the CoolWallet S into your wallet like a normal credit card.

This small card is waterproof and has an e-ink screen that lasts up to 2 weeks under one single charge. It supports BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, USDT, BNB, and all ERC20 tokens, so if you have the most valuable cryptocurrencies, you should be fine.

Buy your Coolwallet S Here

Crypto Hardware Wallet #5: Cobo Vault

Dude... okay... so, Who's this Wallet for? If you are Bruce Banner and need a wallet that is safe and resists your worst episodes of rage, smashing things as The Hulk, this crypto hardware wallet is for you.

A meteorite could hit the Earth, extinguish the entire human species, cause irreparable damage, and yet this hardware wallet would be the safest option you would have to save your legacy. If Satoshi Nakamoto is alive, he probably has his private keys stored in this hardware wallet.

Now, seriously, the Cobo Vault is designed for those who need durability, security, and confidence at extreme levels.

It is made of a military tested materials and is the equivalent of having a portable safe deposit box. Similarly, it has no ports or connectivity, which prevents it from being tampered with. With it, even your passphrase is secure as you will use metal letters placed in a metal frame to store it.

The Cobo Vault supports BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, TRX, Eos and a lot of other tokens.

Buy your Cobo Vault Hardware wallet here (spoiler alert.... yeah, that's the price.... and yeah... it's worth it)

There are lots of other options we didn't cover —like D'cent, XZen, Ellipal, FuzeW, Hoofoo, the Hyundai Kasse, etc— Maybe in a future article we'll talk about them, but for now you may feel like trying one of these and realize that there are great things besides what everyone knows!

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