Without music, what would this world look like? To some people, it would be meaningless. To others, it would be a boring world to live in. Either way, it is clear that our universe won’t be the same without various instruments being played and angelic voices accompanying them.

Music is a powerful tool that can change even the ugliest situations around in the blink of an eye. Whether it is to listen to the dance tracks played at a clubhouse after a busy day or to enjoy the cool atmosphere at the beach with your headphones strapped on your head, music provides great relief to the soul.

There are many ways to enjoy your favourite tracks. Gone are those days when you’d need to go through the stress of handling heavy speakers before you can feel the vibes. Nowadays, you only need a mobile phone and if you want, a pair of headphones to get yourself in the groove. Sitting, standing, walking, jogging or lying down, the options are endless.

With the advent of Android devices, it has even gotten better. You can now have thousands of your favourite tracks on your phone without worrying about space or difficulties in finding them. In fact, you can also enjoy a lot of effects – bass, treble, jazz, etc, to go with many other features such as playlists, mixing and making Karaoke copies of your tracks.

The internet is full of numerous music applications for Android phones, bringing a lot of options and features to the doorstep of music lovers. If you love music too, you’d definitely need some of these applications to make your music experience better.

Without further ado, below are five of the best music applications for Android phones in 2020 that music lovers need to check out. Please note that the apps listed have been tested and given impressive ratings by users who found them very useful.

#5. Mi Music

We start the list with this hot music player application from Xiaomi that has caught the attention of millions of music lovers all over the world. More people are being attracted by the application every day as it continues to pull the crowd with its captivating features.

Xiaomi’s Mi Music is one of the best music apps available to Android device users at the moment. This amazing app grants users access to enjoy a top-notch free music streaming service and also allows them to save their favourite tracks so they can play them later.

It also provides an incorporated radio with which users can stream music for every minute of the day. They can navigate the FM to get access to more than a dozen separate stations and enjoy the music of several genres and tastes. Song lyrics, music downloading and customisation options are also available.

Download the Mi Music App on the Google Play Store for Free here.

#4. Free Music MP3 Player

Do you struggle to enjoy music due to device storage space and other download-related issues? Do you find it difficult to arrange and sort your favourite music in your desired order? If any of these problems exist, you need to take a look at this hot music app called Free Music MP3 Player.

The application doesn’t support music downloads but it has millions of songs that can be streamed by users anytime and anywhere. It is available for both Android and iOS users and it is rated 5-star by its lovers from all the four corners of the globe.

The Free Music MP3 Player app can also be customised, with cool features such as syncing with music library, support for multiple platforms as well as the option to import music and videos from Youtube and local MP3s.

Download the Free Music MP3 Player here.

#3. Wynk

This is a relatively unknown option for many people as it is not as big or popular as the other music applications on this list. Yet, with over 12 million Android users enjoying its top-notch music streaming services, it is one of the fastest-growing music applications on the internet right now.

Wynk was released in 2018 and it has been on a steady rise ever since, showing signs that it could go all the way and outclass some of the big names in the mobile music world at the moment. It has a lot of features that will suit every music lover.

With the application, users have the option to tune in with internet radio for direct streaming of music. It provides high-quality music streaming, with personalised track recommendations, thousands of curated playlists, support for Chromecast and many other cool features.

Download the Wynk Music Player here.

#2. Shazam

If you are looking for an app that would give you a great music experience on your device and several amazing features to explore, you need to have a feel of this massively entertaining and widely installed music application called Shazam.

Shazam is one of the best free music software available on the internet for both iPhone and Android device users. It has the capability to display the musician’s name, album, genre, year of production, and some other details.

Moreover, it provides music lyrics and Youtube videos of songs being played, with the option to add tracks to Apple Music and Spotify playlists. Users can also sync the application with their social media accounts.

Download Shazam Music Player here.

#1. Spotify

Spotify has grown to become one of the most popular online music apps for Android users all over the globe. It is a free music streaming application that offers users access to unlimited tracks on the go while providing millions of soundtracks and countless numbers of music.

The app, which can also be used to download, works on a lot of Android devices ranging from smartphones to tablets. It also has a feature that allows users to follow their favourite musicians by syncing their music.

Spotify also enables the user to create a radio station that will play the music in accordance with the initial choice recommendations. It has recorded millions of downloads already and it isn’t slowing down yet as more people keep storming its download page on Google Play Store every day.

Download the Spotify Music Player here.