Instead of typing on your smartphone or tablet, why not buy a foldable Bluetooth keyboard to make your experience easier and more convenient. This review gives you 5 of the best foldable keyboards that you can select from.

Living today is about convenience and flexibility and technology innovations are continually making this possible. This is what a foldable Bluetooth keyboard is all about. Instead of sitting at a desktop computer, you can now type away pretty much anywhere you want. Your primary task is to select the foldable keyboard that will best suit your needs. This review simplifies your work by providing you with the best foldable Bluetooth keyboards in the market.

Best Foldable Bluetooth Keyboards

1.      iClever For Most Comprehensive

If you want the most comprehensive foldable Bluetooth keyboard in the market, the iClever keyboard would be the option for you. This device is also considered to be the best choice in the industry.

This is because it is lightweight, it pairs easily with your mobile devices, and it is a pocket-sized keyboard that will open flat. This means that you can use this device to type conveniently while you are on the go.

The design on iClever blends both style and functionality. It has the capacity to power itself of is left unused for a period to conserve charge. Besides, iClever is compatible with different systems such as laptops, smartphones, desktop PC, and tablets.


·         Weightless (less than half a pound)

·         Small-sized

·         No typing interference from hinges

·         The battery lasts up to 40 days

·         Made from aircraft aluminum


·         Must adjust to a different key layout

·         Not too sturdy to type on your lap

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2.      IKOS For Long Lasting Battery

The IKOS foldable keyboard will give you value for your money. It is the smallest sized keyboard yet it provides the most durable battery life. IKOS is compatible with Android, Windows, and IOS. Thus, most devices that are bluetooth enables can use this device.

The design of IKOS is very smooth since it as a gratifying tactile feel on its keys. It uses a scissor switch technology that makes typing relieving. Besides, charging the device once will make the battery last for about 80 hours.


·         Very portable

·         Lightweight

·         Long-lasting battery after 2 hours charge

·         Case doubles as a stand


·         Different key layout

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3.      Plugable For Touch Typists

If you have large hands and you want a keyboard that will make typing easier for you, then the Plugable keyboard is your go-to device. This touch typist device, however, has additional weight because of its full size.

The design of this keyboard is excellent because it is portable for transportation, efficiency, and usability. It also provides a stand holder that will incline your tablet as you type. This device can be charged from any generic USB cable.


·         Full-sized keys are standard for a computer keyboard

·         Easily pairs over Bluetooth

·         Connects with devices through USB

·         The case folds into tablet stand or phone


·         Large size

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4.      Jelly Comb For Most Durable

This keyboard is great for travelling and vacationing because it is lightweight and powerful. It has a trackpad and a backlight. The keyboards are made from Aircraft grade that survives falls. Also, you can use this keyboard with other many Bluetooth enables divides since it is compatible with most modern devices.

Moreover, one charge will have the battery lasting for up to 48 hours. The batter is also rechargeable with a standby time of about 560 hours. Besides, your productivity will increase with this device since you can quickly turn your tablet or smartphone into a tiny laptop.


·         Durable design

·         Lightweight keys

·         Changeable backlighting

·         48-hour battery durability

·         Lasts 3 weeks on standby


·         The track pad is not compatible with iOS devices

·         Slightly heavier than others

·         Not fit for large hands

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5.      Moko For Most Compact

Moko foldable Bluetooth is the most compact keyboard in the market. It fits into a back pocket even though it opens up into a full-sized keyboard. Additionally, this keyboard has incorporated great innovation in terms of technology.

The device has a scissor-switch technology that will help you type more comfortably and better when compared to a standard keyboard. Besides, your fingers will be able to reach the keys easily. Also, the softest keystroke will give you ultimate accuracy.

Moko is also compatible with Android, IOS, and Windows. It also supports may devices that are Bluetooth enabled. The device is very thin and therefore lightweight with an easy on and off automatic feature when opened or closed respectively.


·         Very lightweight

·         Opens to full size like a book

·         Standard key layout

·         Battery charges in 2 hours

·         Easily adjustable design


·         Not compatible with Windows-powered phones

·         Can drop Bluetooth connections

·         Keys less sensitive than a standard keyboard

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Foldable Bluetooth Keyboards Buying Guide

Many benefits are associated with owning a foldable keyboard. These include ease of typing when using a tablet or smartphone, working flexibility, portability, and time-saving when large amounts of work are involved. Thus, these are the things you should consider when buying this device.

1.      Connection

You should ensure that your foldable keyboard can connect to your Bluetooth devices. Besides, some provide a connection through a micro USB cable or a headphone jack. These are advantageous because they do not need charging when connected to your devices.

2.      Layout

The layout of the keyboard is very important especially if it is very different from that of a standard keyboard. A different layout can be a nightmare when typing since it can completely throw your typing experience out of balance. Thus, select a standard or a close to the standard layout.

3.      Folded Size

Your primary reason for buying a foldable keyboard is the smaller space it occupies in your bag. However, different models in the market provide different folded dimensions. While others can fit in your back pocket, some will only fit in a briefcase or a bag. Choose one that fits your needs.

4.      Unfolded Size

Even though foldable keyboards are known for their compactness, it is still easier to use a large-sized keyboard when unfolded. Therefore, select a keyboard that is closer to the size of a standard keyboard because it will make your typing experience simpler.

5.      Battery Life

Most foldable keyboards have a battery life of between 30 hours to 150 hours. This time also varies when the keyboard is on standby. When considering this range, also look at whether the device provides a built-in battery or a single-use battery. Replacing batteries can be costly.