Packing can be a nightmare. It is easier to toss everything in a suitcase and consider it a done deal. However, this can be catastrophic. Messy packing can cause you to carry more bags than you need. Additionally, it can wrinkle your clothes excessively.

So if you are a messy packer, or an organized one, you need a packing cube to simplify your packing experience. Besides, packing cubes will offer you the right space to pack many things in one cube. But what do you look for when buying a packing cube?

First, you need to look at the features of the packing cubes. There are cubes in the market that have unique features. For instance, compression cubes keep clothes tightly packed, and the smaller sets offer storage for items such as underwear.

Second, you need to consider the material that has been used to make the packing cubes. For example, some packing cubes material are waterproof, while others are not. Waterproof cubes will come in handy during humid or rainy climates.

The last thing that you need to consider is the price of the packing cubes. Your budget is in your control. However, consider how much you travel to help you determine the amount you will spend on the cubes. If you often travel, select the expensive ones for better quality.

Below is a list of 5 of the best packing cubes that you will get in the market.

Best Packing Cubes

1.      eBags Packing Cubes For Best Value

If you want to fit everything you want to carry for your vacation without taking up space, then the eBags are the packing cubes for you. They will not take up space. eBags are also very durable and versatile.

If you select the 6 piece value, you will have access to the large, medium, and small packing cubes. You will also get a slim packing cube within the package. Besides, once your vacation is over, you can use the cubes in your home as storage options.

The bags have been designed using colorful nylon with mesh panels that allow you to see what is inside. They also offer compact storage, making them very spacious. Therefore, they are perfect for you if you will be staying in multiple places when travelling.


·         Various sizes

·         Very durable nylon material

·         Mesh panels allow you to see inside when closed

·         Offers lifetime warranty


·         Slightly expensive

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2.      Eagle Creek Compression For Best Compression Cube

If you love to fit as many items in one bag as you possibly can, you will fall in love with these compression cubes. This bag will save you a significant amount of space. Besides, Eagle Creek Compression comes in full size and half size.

With both sizes, you can compress down all your items and fit them for your travels. The bad has been designed with a two-way zipper. This feature removes the need for gadgets needed for shrinking down things.

As a result, you can save up to a total of eighty per cent of your space volume when using this bag. This means that you are likely only to carry one bag when travelling if you buy these compression packing cubes. However, the compression might wrinkle your clothes


·         Very spacious due to zipper feature


·         Only offers two sizes

·         Can wrinkle clothes

·         Doesn’t flatten completely

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3.      AmazonBasics Packing Cubes For Best Affordable

If you look for any chance to save money when shopping, then go no further than the AmazonBasics packing cube.  The entire 4 pack package will cost you about 20 dollars. This is one of the most popular cubes in the market as well.

Regardless of the low price, the cube does not compromise on quality. They are quite similar to the eBags in terms of design, shape, and size. However, quality is not the same as that of the ebags, but you still enjoy the same benefits.

When handled appropriately, the cubes are very durable. The polyester material on the design also adds to the durability of the cubes. However, the quality of the zipper can be improved.


·         Durable

·         Several color options

·         4 pack cubes

·         Very affordable

·         Mesh panels at the top


·         Quality, not the best compared to others in the market

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4.      Eagle Creek Pack It Specter Tech For Best Lightweight Cube

If you hate carrying bulky bags, then go no further than the Eagle Creek Tech Cube. The packing cube is made of translucent fabric that is also very breathable. This material is also very slim and water-resistant.

But don’t let the lightless weight fool you. The cube can fit many things inside. If you buy the three-piece set, you will have access to the medium-sized, small, and very small cubes. This is an excellent package if you plan to take a trip with many luggage.

The featherweight of the cubes will make the trip easy for you. Besides, you can use these cubes together with your other best luggage sets such as a duffle bag if you are only travelling for a weekend. Like the eBags, you can also see through these cubes.


·         Very lightweight

·         Water-resistant

·         Translucent fabric

·         Resistant to stains


·         Only offers three sizes

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5.      LeanTravel Compression For Reducing Wrinkles

If you like to carry at most one or two bags when you travel, a compression packing cube would be the best option for you. While the Eagle Creek is a good compression packing cube, the LeanTravel Compression packing cube offers an advantage.

It reduces the likelihood of you acquiring wrinkles on your clothes. Besides, these cubes are also stylish, and they look professional. This means that you can carry them on your office trip. Also, the cubes feature a mesh design that ensures breathability.

LeanTravel includes a set of three cubes, one medium and the rest large. Since these compression cubes are slightly larger than others in the market, they allow significant packing volume. Hence, they are great if you will be packing large items.


·         Offers significant space

·         Reduces the probability for wrinkles

·         Maintains organization of items

·         Mesh design will let you see inside


·         Slightly pricey

·         More massive than others in the market

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