If you love to cook, then you know that a high-quality skillet is something that you must have. But where can you get the best cooking skillet for your daily cooking needs?

Well, this review helps you by reducing your choices to 5 of the best skillets that you can get in the market.

1.      Cuisinart 722-36H Skillet For Best Overall

Cuisinart is a classic stainless steel skillet that is made from stainless steel that also has a mirror finish. Therefore, this is one skillet that will not stain, react to foods, or discolor. Also, you will never have to worry about scraping the pan or using other metal utensils to get under your food.

Besides, the skillet has cast aluminum handles that will keep your hands secure. They are specially designed to stay cool when you cook your food. These handles will also give you a solid grip as well as the easy movement of the pan when cooking or pouring.

The base of the skillet is made from aluminum encapsulated material. This material will heat fast and then distribute the heat evenly throughout the skillet. Hence, you will not have any hot spots. This also means that you can use the pan on a stovetop, under a broiler, or in the oven.

After all, it is oven safe to 550 degrees. Cuisinart is also safe when used in a freezer. Another great feature on the device is the rim. It is designed in a way that will allow you to pour liquids from the pan without making spills. This design also allows pouring in fewer drips. You can also wash Cuisinart in a dishwasher.

Best features:

·         Made using stainless steel material

·         Has a mirror finish

·         Freezer safe

·         Can be washed in a dishwasher

·         Used in the oven, on a stovetop, and under a broiler

·         Cast aluminum handles

·         Handles offer a secure grip and protection from burn

·         55 degrees oven safe

·         Aluminum encapsulated base

·         Fast and even heat distribution

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2.      Anolon Nouvelle Copper For Best Nonstick

The Anolon set will include a 10 inch and an 8-inch skillet. Therefore, when you buy the product you will always have both choices at hand. These skillets are made from hard-anodized aluminum that will distribute heat exceptionally.

The material is also quick to release food. Also, the base of the pan has an aluminum encapsulated material that is layered with copper. Another aluminum layer is added to the base then followed by a stainless steel cap.

This base design ensures that the heat is distributed evenly and that the pan has excellent control of the heat. Hence, this device can be used on induction cooktops. Additionally, Anolon has made its handles for security.

Besides, the inside of the skillet is flush making it easy to clean. You can also use the pan in an oven to 500 degrees. However, these pans do not have a lid.

Best features:

·         2 skillets in package

·         Hard anodized aluminum material

·         Even heat distribution

·         Easy food release

·         Copper encapsulated aluminum layer and added aluminum layer at the base

·         Used on induction cooktops

·         Used in 500 degrees oven

·         Easy to clean


·         No lid

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3.      Farberware Aluminum For Best Budget\

Farberware will offer your three skillets in one package. They include an 11 inch, 10 inches, and an 8-inch skillet. You will also get the three skillets at an affordable price. Therefore, the package will give you a versatile option for you to use.

This inexpensive package is also ideal for a vacation. Besides, the three are made from heavy gauge aluminum that will heat fast and evenly. The nonstick properties will also release your eggs easily.

Also, the handles will remain cool when you cook and the pans will remain safe to 350 degrees in an oven. This is warm enough to finish a steak in the oven. Also, you can wash the skillets in a dishwasher.

Best features:

·         3 skillets in the package

·         350 degrees heat

·         Cool handles when cooking

·         Dishwasher safe

·         Heavy-gauge aluminum material

·         Fast and even heating

·         Easy to release food due to nonstick properties

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4.      Lodge Skillet For Best Cast Iron

The lodge is a 10 quarter inch iron skillet that will only get better each time you use it. The pan does not have a nonstick coating. Nevertheless, the cast iron pan will rival any non-stick pan that you have.

The lodge is also very versatile. You can use it to cook eggs since they will not cling on the stainless steel. The pan is also very affordable as well as durable. Do not be surprised if you pass it down to your children someday.

Besides, the cast iron on the skillet will heat evenly. The material is also known for its heat retention qualities. Hence, it will stay warm after cooking longer than other metal pans. Also, the device is safe to use on a broiler and in an oven.

Therefore, you can use the device for baking as well as roasting. Another great feature on the device is the helper handle. The handle will make moving around easy. However, it will get hot so you need to use a handle cover or a potholder when cooking.

Best features:

·         Well-seasoned cast iron

·         Helper handle

·         Oven and broiler safe

·         Even heating

·         Heat retention properties

·         Very durable device

·         Affordable


·         Handle gets hot when cooking

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5.      Presto 06857 Foldaway For Best Electric

If what you have been looking for is the sturdiest skillet that your money can buy, then look no further than the Presto electric skillet. This 16-inch skillet is a product that is top-rated because of the variety of features that it boosts.

These features are both cutting edge and dependable. For instance, the device is made from heavy cast aluminum that is also nonstick on the interior and exterior. Also, you can use the skillet to make meals for the entire family.

Presto is especially quick on one-pot stovetop dishes. It can be used to sear meat, stir fry vegetables, and make your delicious breakfast. Besides, the device has a built-in spout that you can also use as a spatula or a spoon holder.

This means that you can pour your liquids without spillage when using this device. Also, Presto has a lid that is made from tempered glass. The handles are also very safe to use since they will not burn your hands.

Best features:

·         Very sturdy skillet

·         Built-in spout for holding the spoon or spatula

·         Cooks food quickly

·         Secure and safe handles

·         Used to make versatile dishes

·         Interior and exterior nonstick properties

·         Very dependable features

·         Tempered glass lid

·         Heavy-duty cast aluminum material

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