When choosing a new phone, we all take into account different features (processor, price, size, etc.) but without a doubt, the camera quality has always been an important and even decisive point for many users who want a device capable of capturing those special moments quickly.

If you do not want to spend money on a high-end phone (or camera,) a good alternative is the use of devices that help improve your phone features, and perhaps this list may help to make your next purchase.

Here are 5 Smartphone Photography Gadgets You should try in 2020

Smartphone Photography Gadget #1: Adonit Photogrip

This is perhaps one of the most functional smartphone stands you can get for less than $25.

It is quite versatile and well built, it adapts to almost any smartphone in the world and has a lot of features ranging from the possibility of having a remote shutter to a precision tool to edit pictures on the go.

If you just need a tripod, this is one of the best options you can get

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Smartphone Photography Gadget #2: Feiyu VLOG Pocket

When it comes to achieving the best possible stability in a video, few things can beat what a gimbal has to offer. However, these devices are often very large, heavy, or complex to use.

The guys at Feiyu took the name of this gadget seriously when they created this Pocke-gimbal. It's so small and light that it easily fits in your backpack or pocket (assuming you wear loose pants).

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Smartphone Photography Gadget #3: Landove Dual Focusing Zoom Lens

This accessory turns your phone into a 60x optical zoom camera. If you add to this the capabilities of your smartphone's camera lens, you could exceed the 120X zoom if you need to take a picture several meters away.

It has a tripod for greater stability and tabletop mounts for more professional uses.

Don't use it to spy on your neighbors, though. They could arrest you if they find out.

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Smartphone Photography Gadget #4: Bostioneye Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit

If you need versatility, it doesn't get any better than this.

Bostioneye offers 14 different lenses to cover all your needs: A 22X telephoto lens, a wide-angle, a 15X Macro, a fisheye lens, a 2X telephoto, a kaleidoscope, a set of filters, a tripod and a remote controller.

What else can you ask for? The only thing it doesn't offer is a pro photographer to take pictures for you... And even that can be arranged

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Smartphone Photography Gadget #5: DEPSTECH Wireless Endoscope

credit: Pocnetwork

This curious gadget allows you to see what you've never been able to see. It is compatible with Android and iOS and contains a camera capable of transmitting video and photographing objects in inaccessible places thanks to its bendable cable.

For example, if you want to see something under a door or inside a water pipe, this option is the most practical and recommendable.

Please don't insert it into any part of your body... no matter how curious you are

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Good Luck with your photos, and happy shopping!

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