There is nothing more comforting than having the luxury to make your favorite smoothie at the comfort of your home. Besides, you will be saving some money by creating customized smoothies.

The road to creating a much healthier, tastier, and even more adventurous smoothie starts with buying a kitchen blender. You want something versatile so that it can keep up with your needs. But you also want something durable and consistent.

A high powered blender is also a no-brainer. With the different types of blenders that exist in the market today, this review simplifies your work by giving you a list of the top-rated kitchen blenders today. You deserve nothing than the best.

1.      Vitamix 5200 For Best Overall

Vitamix is a brand that is commonly known because of producing high-quality products as well as reliability. This is why Vitamix 5200 is one of the best blenders in the market. Besides the powerful motor on this device as well as the variable speed, rheostat gives it excellent performance.

The mixing vessel feature of the device has a capacity of 8 cups. The strong plastic material used for the vessel makes it significantly light. Also, the blades used in the blender are very sturdy and sharp, which makes blending flawless.

The machine is also very versatile. It can make cream sauces out of nuts and soup, among other things. The absence of loud noise complements the ease of using Vitamix. However, you will be required to use a tamper when operating the machine.

This is especially true if you want to get a texture that has flawless consistency making it hard to leave the machine to work on its own. Besides, the length of the blender can make it challenging to place it on the kitchen counter.

Nevertheless, the device is worth every penny that you spend when buying it. That is power, functioning, and durability.


·         Durable

·         Simple and efficient

·         Very strong


·         Very tall

·         Pricey

·         Needs manual effort

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2.      NutriBullet NBR-1201 For Best Small

NutriBullet blender is a bullet. It carries a motor power of 600 watts, and it has three patented stainless steel blades. Hence, the results of this machine are flawless. This is especially true if you need to puree hard and tough foods such as spinach, asparagus, and carrots.

Besides, the design of the blender makes the cleaning process very simple. Using the machine is also easy. Place the foods you want to be blended in the container, add ice or water, cover using the lid with the blades, turn the container upside down and place it on the base unit.

Placing the container on the base unit activates the machine automatically. However, you will have to put up with the loud noise, shake the container to get a perfect blend occasionally, and your seeds might not pulverize completely.

Nevertheless, this device will give you a chance to be versatile with your smoothies.


·         Very fast

·         Very powerful

·         Compact size


·         Loud noise

·         Requires shaking when blending

·         Will not break seeds

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3.      Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 For Best Budget

If you like living in a world of possibilities, then you will be happy with this Ninja blender. Powered by a motor that is similar to the Vitamix blenders, the Ninja blender is much more practical for simple tasks. It is also slightly less expensive than Vitamix.

Ninja has three different units that include the blender, the cup, and the food processor. Hence, the device will offer versatility to your meals. It provides speed up preparation time in the kitchen since it carries power.

However, the cups do not have lids, and the machine produces noise when in use. Nevertheless, the inexpensive and powerful machine is very function and high end. Besides, the blades on the machine are very sharp and easy to clean.


·         Powerful motor

·         Easy to clean

·         Saves kitchen space

·         Has extra attachments


·         Loud noise

·         Cord is retractable

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4.      KOIOS OXA Smart Powerful For Best Hand

OXA is very versatile and sturdy. It carried a set of attachments that simplify the cooking process in the kitchen. Hence, you will turn your essential ingredients into excellent frozen desserts quickly. OXA also has a stick blender, a whisk attachment, and a beaker.

The motor controls the power and the speed of the machine. Thus, all these dishwasher safe attachments can be attached to the motor easily. The attachments are also of high quality, and they are straightforward to wash.

However, the blades are not very sharp even though they are sharp enough to cut different types of food. Additionally, there is a lit-up dial that provides six different speed settings that allow customization of power.

There is an additional turbo button that will give you an extra burst of power. Remember to avoid blending hot liquids since there is a possibility that they might damage the blender. Besides, this device will not take up space on your kitchen counter.


·         Easy to assemble

·         Awesome looking design

·         Excellent for a quick mixing task

·         Offers different speed options


·         Cannot blend hot liquids

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5.      Ninja BL660 For Best Professional

This device is proficient, high powered, and it will offer you three speeds, single-serve functions, and pulse. Besides, it can turn ice into snow in seconds since it can crush anything with ease. With the provision of the 72 oz pitcher, you will have the chance to make drinks for your whole family.

Also, the device offers 16 oz cups with to-go lids that will allow you to carry your smoothies as you travel. You also have a single-serve option that will make blending simple. However, the design of the blade is poor since it can slide out and fall if it is not removed carefully.

The blades are also very sharp so remember to be careful when cleaning them. Nevertheless, this powerful device will satisfy your life and your family needs.


·         Clear blend options

·         Suction cup feet

·         Very fast

·         Sturdy

·         Includes single-serve cups


·         Lid is bulky

·         The design of the blade is poor

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