Built-in speakers can be useful. But soundbars make all the difference. Besides, soundbars are very affordable, they are easy to set up in your home, and they provide a small footprint. Also, they make your television sound much better.

Therefore, if you have a television that looks good but offers a flat sound, this is something you should consider buying. While some soundbars are not great, the good ones pack fantastic sound. Besides, some soundbars are very small but still manage to pack a meaty sound.

But before you buy a soundbar, there are some things that you should consider. For instance, the size of your television is crucial. This will determine how big your soundbar should be. Also, the features of the soundbar are essential.

Some of the features you can consider include HDMI that is 4K friendly, Bluetooth support, and wireless subwoofers. You can also consider whether you want Alexa or Google support for voice control features.

To make your work easier, here is a review of 6 of the best soundbars that you can buy on any budget.

1.      Sonos Playbase For Best Overall

Sonos has been branded as the best overall soundbar because it features everything that you could want in a soundbar. It offers a sound that will fill your room. It also has a design that will look great in your house or your entertainment center.

Besides, the device is big on bass. Also, the 10 custom made drivers on the device give it rich vocals. Another excellent feature of the Sonos soundbar is that it can also work as a Wi-Fi speaker. This means that you can use it with any of your favorite music apps.

Also, Sonos can be used together with any other Sonos speakers that you have in your house. And for your ultimate experience, you can use the Amazon Alexa support the device offers.


·         Has clear vocals

·         Provides big-time bass

·         The sound fills any room

·         Very easy to use and set up


·         Pricey

·         No HDMI

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2.      Yamaha YAS-108 For Best Soundbar Under 200 Dollars

There are many features that you will enjoy with this device. Some of these features include a 4K passthrough, Bluetooth support, and HDMI. Also, the soundbar features a variety of sound modes that work with Bluetooth to enhance your music experience.

Besides, the Yamaha soundbar is a small design, but it packs excellent sound. Hence it has very crisp highs as well as a satisfying bass. This is a result of the built-in subwoofers that boost the low end of the device.

The Yamaha sounder does not require additional speakers. For 200 dollars only, this soundbar is very impressive.


·         Good bass

·         Sharp treble

·         Full sound

·         HDMI

·         4K passthrough


·         No app support

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3.      VIZIO SB2920-C6 For Best Soundar Under 100 Dollars

For 100 dollars, this is one of the best soundbars that you will get in the market. This is because it has some impressive features. For instance, the soundstage that the device delivers is amazing. Also, it has a very crisp treble.

However, VIZIO does not have a subwoofer. Nevertheless, the device has excellent bass. This makes the device perfect for smaller TVs. With the added Bluetooth support, you can easily stream your music with the device.


·         Deep bass

·         Awesome sound for the price

·         Bluetooth support


·         No subwoofer

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4.      Polk MagniFi Mini For Best Small Soundbar

If you fancy a tiny package in the form of a soundbar but still want the experience of colossal audio, then go no further than the Polk Mini soundbar. While this speaker is unassuming, it will fit well in any of your setups.

Besides, the device will deliver a crisp dialogue as well as a deep bass. The wireless subwoofer helps these features to operate to perfection. The added Google Cast Support on the device further makes the MagniFi soundbar a great home music speaker.


·         The subwoofer is wireless

·         Audio integration is Google cast

·         Powerful bass

·         Vocals are clear


·         Treble is harsh

·         No mobile app

·         No onscreen display

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5.      Sonos Beam For Smart Homes

Smart homes are becoming more and more popular. This is because of the continuous advancements and innovations in technology. Therefore, it is inevitable that smart devices are also created to complement intelligent homes.

This is where the Sonos Beam comes in. It is a small soundbar that is very affordable. The device also provides excellent sounding. Sonos will also act as a neat, smart home gadget. The full Alexa integration will allow you to control your television with your voice.

You can also use the Alexa feature for other things such as controlling your smart lights or asking the state of the weather. This will make your life convenient. Besides, Sonos offers a big audio front with a wide soundstage that is impressive for its price.

Besides, the dialogue on Sonos is crisp. This will make increase the experience of watching your favorite movies and listening to your favorite music.


·         Alexa inside

·         Affordable

·         The setup is easy

·         The soundstage is wide


·         No Bluetooth audio

·         Bass has no detail

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6.      Yamaha YAS-209 For Best Alexa Integration

Yamaha 209 offers an excellent package. For instance, it provides a unique sound overall. It is also very affordable. Yamaha has a wireless subwoofer that will give you a beefy bass. You will also get handy voice controls as a result of Alexa support.

Besides, Yamaha 209 is one of the sleekest designs in the soundbar market. It has a 36-inch design that looks great under any television. The sounders have drivers that are 1.75 inches. They will deliver immersive sound for your music and movies.

Alexa functionality on Yamaha aids in controlling the device as well as any other smart devices in your home. This is also possible when the soundbar is off. Hence, Yamaha is one soundbar that is worth buying.


·         Affordable

·         Perfect for music

·         The dialog is clear and resonant

·         Alexa support on the inside of the device


·         Only 1 HDMI input

·         No low-frequency effects when music is playing

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