Now that you've succeeded in getting a product or service, the next step is getting buyers or subscribers. However, this can be a little difficult, especially if you know nothing about marketing. Nonetheless, there are free platforms that can help you to promote your product or service in front of a large audience.

What's more, potential buyers can turn into loyal customers, which translates into more money for you. To that effect, here are some platforms with huge traffic and specifically, a broad audience that may have an interest in your project. Here's a review of these platforms.

1. ProductHunt:

ProductHunt was launched in 2013 for people to share and discover new projects. This platform is free, and as such, costs nothing to take advantage of its thousands of daily visitors to promote your newly launched product.

ProductHunt uses a rating system just like Reddit, and this means, the more votes your product gets, the higher it is ranked on its homepage. Whether you're focused on technology products, books, podcasts, games, etc., this platform has a category you can promote your project.

2. HackerNews:

HackerNews is a news aggregator that offers fresh content daily. It boasts of millions of monthly visitors, which makes it another platform with high potential. Like ProductHunt, members can vote and comment on links they find interesting, and this helps to keep the link in trend for a long time.

Now, if you're confident that your product or service is relevant and of high quality, there's no saying how many votes it can acquire. The result? It could be on HackerNews' front page for a while and help you get referral traffic to your site or the product page.

3. Reddit:

Reddit is also one of the platforms you should use in promoting your product or service. Here, you can find active communities (called subreddits) to share your project. With a little research, you can find subreddits related to your product or service and take advantage of the audience in these communities. Also, note that spamming is frowned upon; hence, do not be overly promotional when sharing your ideas.

4. IndieHackers:

IndieHackers provides a platform for you to share your success stories while working on your project. And hey, you can also share the challenges you're facing and have others make suggestions on how you can improve. IndieHackers also allows you to set milestones for projects you are currently working on.

Likewise, there's room for users of the platform to vote and comment on stories they find captivating. Who knows? You may catch a significant number of users who are interested in what you do while on IndieHackers. When that happens, you would've successfully built a fan base / loyal customers for your product or service.

5. Quora:

Quora lets you ask and answer questions about a given topic. But what if you could provide relevant and useful answers to questions relating to your product or service? You may not have to link to your product page, but just mentioning it as a recommendation could trigger people's interest in it. Like the platforms mentioned above, Quora also has millions of visitors monthly. However, gradually build your reputation on the platform to make your results more impactful.

6. BetaList:

BetaList brings together startups looking to promote their businesses and individuals looking for potential companies. Products or services that are listed on BetaList can remain of the site's homepage for a few days, giving it the exposure it needs. What's more, users of this platform can search for startups by country or industry, which makes it easier to find businesses based on specific locations.

On BetaList, you can submit a startup or job for free. Nevertheless, it might take a while before your submission is approved after it has been strictly reviewed. On the other hand, you can speed things up by paying a little fee.

7. BetaFamily:

The first 100 beta testers of your app can come from BetaFamily, and if that's what you're out to get, here's another platform you should give a try. BetaFamily is designed for app developers.

So, if you're looking for real people to test your apps and help you determine where updates are needed, the BetaFamily should be it. While feedback helps you improve on developed apps, it also increases the potential to find your first set of subscribers.


Several platforms can help you promote your product or service without hassles. These platforms are also free, and all it'll take is to dedicate some time to spread the word about your products or services on them. In the end, the results you get are entirely dependent on your product's or service's quality and how it solves problems.