Wouldn't it be great if you could revamp your bicycle from its "normal" look? We bet it would! Listed below are some of the coolest bicycle accessories you can buy right now on Amazon. These accessories can either save your life, alert distracted passersby, and so on.

Without further ado, some of the essential bicycle accessories you should try out are:

1. Rear Tail Safety Warning Light For Bicycles

The rear tail safety warning light for bicycles keeps you from harm's way while you ride in the dark. It is water-resistant and thus makes it highly functional as a tail light in the rain. Also, it comes with a rechargeable, long-lasting battery. For this reason, you can rely on its long hours of use that it'll provide after a full charge.

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2. Magnetic Indoor Exercise Stand

Need to keep fit but can't afford a stationary bike? Why not turn your bicycle into one with just a few bucks. This is where the Indoor bicycle trainer exercise stand comes in handy. This bicycle accessory offers excellent stability on various surfaces. Also, it can be folded easily for storage when not in use.

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3. Bicycle Rear Baby Seat Australia Standard with Handrail

If the thought of riding a bike with an older baby has ever crossed your mind, it can be actualized. A bicycle baby carrier with handrail is suitable for babies between the ages of 9 months to 4 years. This baby seat can be mounted on different frame sizes, and it comes with its accessories to make its installation a breeze.

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4. Top Frame Saddle For Bicycles

This will not replace a car boot; however, it can create some extra space on your bicycle. You can place your phone securely in this pouch and listen to music while you ride along. Likewise, the inner compartment of this bike bag is large enough to hold items such as flashlights, cycling gloves, USB, etc.

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5. Cargo Trailer Steel Storage Cart

There's so little your bicycle can carry. But with this cargo steel cart, you can carry much more. This removable compartment has two wheels to ensure its stability even when there's a heavy load on board. Its PVC clothing is waterproof, which means your goods will be unaffected by rain. There are also red, yellow, and white reflectors for safety.

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6. Waterproof Phone Holder

What if you could check the time, map, messages, and much more without having to deal with the hassle of handling your phone while riding? The phone holder is compatible with Nokia, Apple, Huawei, and Samsung smartphones. It is installed on your bike's handlebar.

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7. Colorful Bicycle Spoke LED Light

This LED light is quite fashionable but also seeks to make you visible while on the road. This bike light is suitable for night-time, and it has been recommended for vocational riders or casual cyclists. It is durable, waterproof, and shockproof, all in a bid to offer you great value for your money's worth.

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8. USB Rechargeable Headlight For Bikes

For better visibility at night, how about having headlight or lamp installed on your bicycle. This headlight has two LED lights. It has a brightness rating of 2400 lumens, giving you better visibility in the dark. Likewise, these LED lights are waterproof and rechargeable.

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9. Rechargeable LED Rear Bike Light

The rechargeable LED rear bike light has also gained popularity among cyclists. It keeps the rider visible; hence, it is one of the essential road bike accessories. This LED light can serve as a bicycle LED taillight, warning light, or headlight. It features lighting modes such as red weaken, red highlight, SOS flashing, and so on.

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Now you have a list of cool stuff to choose from; it's now left to you. Pimp your ride to your taste with the above-listed items.