As the saying goes, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But that can’t be the case if the pigeons in the famous city start sporting cowboy hats. The strange scene was first witnessed on December 5th. A gentleman by the name of Bobby Lee was on his way to the grocery when his eye was suddenly drawn to a red object outside the window of his vehicle. As is their normal behavior, pigeons were strutting around a dumpster near the parking lot, looking for scraps of food to eat. However, in this hilarious scenario, two of the birds were wearing tiny cowboy hats. One of the hats was red, while the other was gray in color.

Bobby immediately reached for his camera, and took a 12-seconds-long video. He later posted the video on Facebook, with the caption: ‘Birds have hats on, bro!’

Viral Video: People Are Crazy About It

The 26-year-old man then threw some Doritos out of his car window, but only managed to scare off the birds. The Pigeons, however, did not go far. One settled on a nearby ledge. On Facebook and other social media sites, the video of the cowboy pigeons took off, garnering lots of attention. One day after posting the video, journalists started calling and texting him. Some people even offered to buy the now viral footage. By Tuesday, the incredible footage had garnered thousands of comments, shares, and views.

Although Lee has no idea who put the miniature cowboy hats on the pigeons, he offered his theory that the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, which was in Vegas, could have been behind the stunt. However, the event’s organizers, the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, denied any involvement ‘with the pigeons wearing cowboy hats.’

Animal Rescuers Involved Amid Concern For The Birds’ Safety

As mystery continued to grow around the issue, Animal Welfare Groups got in touch with Bobby. One of the animal welfare agencies, Lofty Hopes, asked him to stay alert, in case the birds reappeared. A spokesperson for the organization told news agencies that they had received reports that the cowboy pigeons had been spotted on Monday in the same area. There also had been unverified reports of pigeons strutting around in cowboy hats in Reno. The Las Vegas police said that the case was not a police matter at the time.

On Facebook, some people seemed worried about the welfare of the pigeons. Some wondered how the cowboy hats were fitted on the pigeons’ heads, hoping that neither glue nor adhesive had been plastered on the tiny heads.

Expert Commentary

An ornithologist from Cornell University also offered his opinion, after someone sent him the video. Charles Walcott, who has spent thirty years studying birds, said that the birds looked alright. According to the expert, the birds looked happy. However, he added that it was only his opinion, as the cowboy pigeons will not talk to us.

Dr. Walcott also added that pigeons are not suited to cowboy hats because their skulls aren’t exactly modeled to accommodate them. He also opined that whoever fitted the hats on the pigeons was careful not to impede the pigeons’ sight of the food they are looking on the ground. That must be interesting, and whoever did it must be getting quite a kick out of it.