Gusto is a payroll software application designed to eliminate all complications associated with the day-to-day running of businesses by introducing simplified approaches that will make life easier for business owners. So far, over 100,000 businesses across the US have benefited from the software. Little wonder it was awarded a spot in Forbes Fintech 50, 2018 edition.

Payroll before Now

When the word payroll is mentioned, it usually related to the description of a list of employees in a company, but nowadays, it is more than that. It also includes the total amount of money employees receive from a company, a department in a company tasked with calculating funds and its disbursement and the record of wages, salaries, withheld taxes and bonuses which employees of a company are entitled to.

Different companies have a payroll system unique to them. Though payrolls are usually generated at regular intervals for the timely payment of employee dues, the intervals vary from one company to the next. Payroll intervals include the following:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Bi-weekly (once every two weeks)
  • Semi-month (twice monthly)
  • Monthly.

There are other payroll frequencies that are not so common but are practised by some organizations; they include:

  • 4-weekly (13 times per year)
  • Bi-monthly (once every two months)
  • Quarterly (once every 13 weeks)
  • Semi-annually (twice per year)
  • Annually (yearly)

Why You Should Use a Payroll Software

A payroll software is an important program that provides accurate payroll calculation in line with the regulations of the taxing authority.

A payroll software eliminates the risk of mistakes during the calculation of payments, unlike the manual system that exposes such calculation to errors. With payroll software, information is simplified, reports are easily generated, and there is little or no stress required in its operation.

Therefore, it is good that every organization invests in it as it simplifies the process of managing the salaries of employees, wages, taxes and more.

Introducing Gusto

Gusto makes use of cloud technology to provide a payroll solution that caters to the 401(k), administration, onboarding and HR needs of companies. Gusto takes the burden of payroll calculations and tax filing from the shoulders of companies in order to free business owners from stress and to devote more time to their work.

Gusto is available across the 50 states and is even more beneficial to companies with a workforce scattered across multiple states. With its price affordability and great customer support, Gusto has continued to win over more businesses.

Benefits of Gusto

The benefits derived from using Gusto are quite numerous. Below are some of them:

Savings Accounts with Tax-Advantage:

Some good examples of such savings accounts are a health savings account, commuter benefits and a flexible savings account. The price of the HSA account is $2.50 per month for each participant with no minimum. The FSA account is priced at $4 per month for each participant with a minimum of $20 per month. The price of Commuter benefits is set at $4 per month for each participant with a monthly minimum of $20.

401(k) Retirement Plans:

Gusto provides a 401(k) retirement plan both for the business owner and employees, and this is in conjunction with Guideline. The retirement plan has a $500 setup fee and costs $8 per month for each participant and a minimum of $40 per month.

Workers Compensation Insurance:

This requires no administration fees; only the insurance premiums payment will be required of you. This workers compensation insurance is pay-as-you-go, and it's brought to you in partnership with AP Intego.

529 College Savings Plan:

This plan is brought to you and your employees through a partnership between Gusto and Gradvisor, offering you a 529 college savings plan with a tax-advantage. To participate, each person is expected to pay $6 per month with a minimum of $18 per month. No setup fee is required.

Health Benefits:

There are thousands of health plans made available by Gusto which can be customized according to the participant. A participant may choose to add dental and vision to their choice of medical plan. No administration fees will be required of you, only paying the health insurance premiums will be your responsibility.

Check with Gusto to know if health benefits are supported in your state.

Features of Gusto

Gusto is designed with a wide range of features for clients, and some of them are:

Easy Navigation:

Gusto has a modern UI which affords users stress-free navigation. Employers and employees can check for important payroll information using the dashboard, and major features are easily accessed via a sidebar.

Employee Management:

Business owners can easily manage their employees and contractors. Gusto lets you add more of their information like personal details, job and payment information, time off, benefits, custom fields, notes and documents.

Employee Portal:

Employees have a dedicated Portal which shows things like the last time they received payment, suggestions, things to do and upcoming payday.


The dashboard shows information such as upcoming payrolls, celebrations, do-to list and reminders.


Gusto processes payroll in about four days, though there are businesses that have theirs done in two days.

Payment Methods:

Gusto mostly uses direct deposit, but employers can also create checks for their employees and contractors.

How Much Does Gusto Cost?

Gusto has distinguished itself as a transparent payroll solution by being upfront about its pricing. There are three pricing plans available on Gusto and payments are made every month. Accounts can be canceled at any time by the company if a term is violated. Likewise, a client can cancel the plan at any time. The company offers a 30-day free trial.

Here is Gusto's pricing:

$39 per month + $6 per month for each person

  • Run payroll
  • Garnishment
  • Automatic tax filing
  • Complete
  • Direct deposit

$39 per month + $12 per month for each person

  • Run payroll
  • Automatic tax filing
  • Direct deposit
  • Garnishment
  • Paid time off policies & time-off requests
  • Reporting
  • Customizable admin permissions
  • Employee offers & onboarding
  • Holiday pay
  • Time tracking
  • Employee directory & surveys
  • Concierge

$149 per month + $12 per month for each person

  • Run payroll
  • Automatic tax filing
  • Direct deposit
  • Garnishment
  • Paid time off policies & time-off requests
  • Reporting
  • Customizable admin permissions
  • Employee offers & onboarding
  • Holiday pay
  • Time tracking
  • Employee directory & surveys
  • Custom employee handbook
  • HR & compliance support
  • HR resource center
  • Dedicated customer support team
  • Extra Costs

User Reviews

Customers who have used Gusto have nothing but good things to say about the payroll software. Here are some of the things about Gusto that users love:

Good Customer Support:

The customer support of the Gusto brand has not stopped to impress users as they are always talking about how efficient it is.

Easy To Use:

Users have confirmed over and over again that Gusto is very easy to use.

Transparent Pricing:

Users love the price structure of Gusto's services, and they appreciate the fact that there are no hidden charges.

Save Time:

Gusto gives access to a lot of information with just a click, such as an employee information, payroll, tax documents and benefits, a feature that is well appreciated by users.


Gusto has perfected the payroll system with its easy to use software which users can use to access important services like onboarding, HR, benefits management and payroll. Gusto is different from a lot of payroll companies out there with its transparent pricing that lets users know upfront what they have signed up for.

To get the best out of Gusto, the software is best used by small or medium scale businesses because the platform may not be well suited for complex payrolls which is what large companies are known for. To give Gusto a try, you can sign up to take advantage of its 30-day free trial.