Latin America is literally on fire!

After denouncing the situation in Venezuela and calling President Maduro a dictator for confronting the protests, the governments of the Lima Group have displayed conducts that could at least be described as hypocritical, repressing with absolute brutality the protests and censoring the possibility of peacefully protesting against various injustices.

Chile, Ecuador, Colombia and Perú are brutally repressing the protests in from of the silent gaze of mainstream media and multilateral organizations. Here is a brief outlook of the situation in Chile

Chile Is Against The Use of Violence... But Only In Foreign Countries

The regime of Sebastián Piñera has shown its cruelest face and wins the prize for brutality and abuse of power.

After 30 years of maintaining a development model that led the country to be one of the nations with the most unequal distribution of wealth in the whole world, Chileans could no longer endure a series of sudden rises in the prices of services along with the constant "mockery" by government agencies.

Everything exploded when raised the transportation prices for the fourth time in a year to make it one of the world's most expensive services, and the Minister of Economy told chilean workers that if they wake up early, they would pay less. This was considered as an insult

This, of course, sparked some peaceful protests that were not tolerated by the president, who ordered the first display of police brutality, taking the police out into the street.

People documented how students were strangled and beaten by the police inside schools and universities; women forced to undress in front of the public, people beaten en masse,  etc.

This police brutality exacerbated the mood of the people and contributed to the first signs of violent protests.

As a result, Sebastian Piñera declared that his regime was "at war" and escalated the use of violence against protestors.

The figures are outrageous. After criticizing Nicolás Maduro for fighting the protest and advocating for the use of peaceful means to combat violence, in a matter of a week, official data indicate that the military deployed on Piñera's orders have killed at least 15 civilians, wounded 200 and illegally detained more than 2000 people.

Faced with the silence of the media, social media became the main form of communication among the people, who documented horrendous situations such as policemen taking drugs before going to work, military forcing kids to do some exercises so as not to torture them, a group of military men beating up civilians, military who made a person run and then shoot him in the back, etc

The former president of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, is currently Chief of Human Rights at the UN, and despite having written an extensive report on Human Rights in Venezuela, she has not issued any official opinion or pronouncement condemning Piñera's actions.

However, Chile is not alone: Ecuador, Haiti, Peru, and Colombia have also recorded popular protests and cases of brutality and political crimes.

The situation in Chile is far from calm, and chileans to be far from tired of fighting for their rights. To watch more videos of what is truly happening there, this Google Drive Folder can come in handy

Featured image courtesy of CNN