Super Bowl, America's biggest professional sporting event is gearing up to begin within 48 hours. The enthusiasm among lovers of the game, and generally, sports enthusiasts have made the term, "Super Bowl LIV" one of the most popular searches on Google. What's more, this could possibly be the most expensive Super Bowl to attend, of all time.

Now, if you're going to pay between $4,100 to $30,000 (depending on where you sit) to watch Super Bowl LIV live, then you can only expect that it'll be worth every penny you'll dish out. And for those who aren't attending, their large viewership will make this game the most-watched Super Bowl in TV history.

Therefore, this is not another regular game, tensions are high and we'll like to see how it turns out. Previously, we'd covered the basic details about the game and its schedule. But what do you really know about Super Bowl 2020? Check this out!

When is Super Bowl LIV?

Super Bowl LIV has been scheduled to hold on February 2, 2020. It is the 54th Super Bowl and the first Super Bowl was played on January 15, 1967. Some of the past ones include Super Bowl V, VI, XVI, XIX, XXIII, XXIV, XXIX, and XXXI.

Where is the Super Bowl This Year?

Super Bowl LIV will hold at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida. Also, this will be the first time in 10 years a final game of the NFL season is played in Miami.

Who is Going to Super Bowl 2020?

Two teams will be battling heads on for victory at the Super Bowl. These teams are the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs. Interestingly, this will be the first time these two are meeting at a Super Bowl.

It is also worth noting that the game will mark the 49ers' seventh appearance at Super Bowl. The 49ers' is a strong contender given that they won five out of six Super Bowls they played at. On the other hand, it will be the Chiefs' first Super Bowl appearance after 50 years. The last time the team had qualified is January 11, 1970,

What Channel is the Super Bowl On?

The channel that will be broadcasting Super Bowl 2020 is Fox. The game will be aired at 6:30 p.m. ET. It will also be the channel's last Super Bowl broadcast based on its current TV rights deal.

So will it be worth watching, instead of grabbing popcorn and tuning in to Netflix?

Well, Super Bowl 2018 became the most-watched TV broadcast in the U.S due to the 103,470,966 viewers it garnered. The high views also ranked it as the fifth most-watched TV broadcast in 2018. With that in mind, you can get a good idea that this will be another game worth spending your precious time to see.

How Many Super Bowls Do the 49ers Have?

The 49ers have been to six different Super Bowls and these were in 1981 (XVI), 1984 (XIX), 1988 (XXIII), 1989 (XXIV), 1994 (XXIX) and 2013. This year will mark its seventh.

How Many Super Bowls Have the 49ers Won?

The 49ers have won five out of the six Super Bowl they've played already. The years they emerged winners are 1981, 1984, 1988, 1989, 1994. What's more, the 49ers were the first team to win five Super Bowls.

The New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers are now holding the record as the teams that have won the most Super Bowls since they both won six championships

When was the Last Time the 49ers Went to the Super Bowl?

The last time the 49ers went to the Super Bowl is February 3, 2013. They were defeated by the Ravens by the score of 34-31. The game, in question, is Super Bowl XLVII and it was played in t Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Who Won, 49ers or Packers?

The game between San Francisco 49ers' and the Green Bay Packers in January 2020, ended in 37-20. It was a win for the 49ers'. Also, the win qualified the 49ers to head for Super Bowl 2020, which is the first time since 2013.

Who Owns the 49ers?

Edward John DeBartolo Jr. was the principal owner of the 49ers between 1977 to 1999. Jed York has been the Owner/CEO of the 49ers between 2009 to 2019.

When was the Last Time the Chiefs Were in the Super Bowl?

The last time the Texans/Chiefs played in the super bowl is January 11, 1970.

How Many Super Bowls Have the Chiefs won?

The Chiefs have only won one Super Bowl game and it was in 1970.

Who Owns the Kansas City Chiefs?

Clark Hunt is the co-owner of the Kansas City Chiefs.


Now that you have this piece of information, you are well informed on the team you'll be supporting. Whether it's the 49ers or Chiefs, a great game is what we all expect at the end of the day.