For those who have not been keeping a close eye on the price of Bitcoin; as of August 2019, we are in the midst of a surge in the value of the most popular cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has gained a reputation for being an incredibly volatile investment with a rapidly evolving ecosystem. After droves of enthusiasts watched their coins lose their cash as the price continually fell for a year and a half, Bitcoin has surged for the second time in history and excitement is being restored in the community.

Bitcoin reached its all-time high on the 17th of December, 2017—peaking at $19,780~ US. This peak did not last for long and Bitcoin had lost a over third of it's value within 5 days of this achievement. With the price at this time of writing being almost $12,000 US for the first time in 2 years; we might be experiencing a short term bubble during these Autumn months. If these coming months treat us to another peak but quick decline in the new year as history has demonstrated before, you might have enough to build that new gaming rig or start funding your own crypto startup—depending on how much you've invested—very soon.

Personally, I was absolutely misguided to spend a lot of my coinage when the price ducked below $4000 US early this year as I could have been sitting on a few thousand dollars if I would've held my breath a little longer. I do offer this advice though: if you notice the value collapsing again, it might be time to splurge and buy up as much as possible when it drops back down to sad prices.

Crypto is very high-risk, though it seems that those who held steadfast in the coin might reap some big rewards very soon. Stay alert and be mindful.