Electric skateboard manufacturers have learned that if they want to sell their product, they have to offer something to every demographic of the household.  Speed and style for the older teen rider.  Safety features and durability that the parents will enjoy.  Of course, for the younger riders, something that is not too overpowering and scary so they will feel comfortable learning.  Benchwheel has hit all those marks with their release of a speedy, safe and fully abundant tech savvy board.

Benchwheel Electric Skateboard
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Samsung rechargeable LiFePo4batteries power the twin 1800w motors below deck.  With this sweet setup, you’ll get speeds up to 18mph (30 km/h) and be able to travel 13 miles on a single charge!  Adding to the tech, it even comes with a remote control, giving the rider the ability to switch riding modes and energy saving capability.  This board also offers wide grip tape, ensuring your feet will stay put and avoid accidents by safely maneuvering any obstacle.


If a board that will fit the needs of the entire family, from beginner to advanced rider, then this board is for you.  The overall quality could use some tweaking but for what it lacks in beauty above, the underside more than makes up for it.


·         Samsung Batteries with high output and distance of 13 miles on a single charge

·         Powerful motor capable of high safe speeds

·         Remote control for speed control and energy saving

·         Large deck enabling riders on all experience levels comfortability


·         Pretty boring design look

·         Price point slightly higher than some other boards

·         Longer board might be turn off to more experienced riders