A recent review of Americans who work from home shows that 5.2% of the nation's workforce worked from home in 2017. That's about 8 million of the country's population at the time. In 2016, it was reported that just 5% worked from home and in 2000, it was 3%.

This report shows that more Americans are choosing to have to work remotely instead of working in conventional offices. The reason why that is isn't far fetched. There are immeasurable benefits attached to working from home. In a moment, we'll go through these benefits and hopefully get you fired up.

1. More Productivity

Clara wakes up at 5 am every working day, but still struggles to get to work before 8 am. If by chance she gets in before her boss (after finally deciding she's dressed to kill), she has to follow an orderly routine of checking the company's financial records, ensuring they are updated, and all manner of things people at work do.

However, Clara has been gazing at the clock since she got to work, counting down to 4 pm before she can finally bust out in the rush hour traffic. The mood, the setting, having to be restricted to one place, and distractions by co-workers, is enough to get to her.

James, on the other hand, woke up by 4 am, pulled up his laptop, and did some work till 6 am. He went back to sleep and waked again at 9 am to check if 'all's going well. Still, in his PJs, more work was done right from his balcony while viewing the sunrise. Who does James have to thank? The internet!

The big idea is, James has completed his task for the day and used his time optimally while at home. Why is that? It has been proven that people are more productive while in a relaxed state without pressure from superiors, co-workers, etc.

2. Live Healthier

Clara has been sitting at a desk all day hunched over a computer and some paperwork. She's feeling stressed and probably thinks walking around a bit might eat into her time. Who knows? She could even stumble into that co-worker she's been avoiding all week.

Nonetheless, Clara's sedentary lifestyle of being glued to one position for hours unending could cause her neck or back pain as well as eye strain over time. Asides from these, staying confined in a particular area can increase her risk of growing obese.

However, this is not the case if you have to get up occasionally to have a drink, check what's on the news, or change your working environment just to feel motivated. In the case of the latter, the fresh air can do you a lot of good, unlike the confines of a building despite its conducive environment.

There are a thousand and one tools James can rely on to message his boss, communicate with his co-workers, etc. right from home. It's even better since these messages are well-detailed because they need to relay the right information. In the end, James has been exposed to the trends in technology.

Other than messaging apps, other invaluable tools like project management software, a cloud computing software, VoIP, amongst several others, makes working remotely super easy. Thus, there is no limitation to the things James can do using a computer that has been connected to the internet.

4. Reduced Costs

You'll have to show up five times a week to work, and that would mean commuting twenty times a month (not unless you have a backup plan for ditching some days). Hey, the transport cost might not break your pay, but it's still significant enough to make you clench your jaw.

Let's not even get started with the cost of renting or setting up an office. Irrespective of its size, it's still more expensive compared to a corner in your room, kitchen breakfast bar, or closet that has been converted into an office space.

5. Work From Anywhere

Already tired of sitting at home and in need of fresh air? There's that coffee shop down the block you could visit. How about hitting the road and seeing the world while you work? Now, whatever works for you and keeps you motivated as you channel your best energy into work, can make the result very rewarding.

If that sounds good, add it to the list of benefits you stand to gain from working remotely. The point is, you don't have to get off work to catch fun or take a leave, you can do both at the same time. Whether you'll have the work completed late into the night, or in the wee hours of the morning, 'that's your choice to make.


If you've been considering working remotely of late, then you can compare these benefits side-by-side with working from a conventional office to see which works out well for you. Nonetheless, whether it's from an office or in your bedroom, you still need to be focused. However, a cosy setting in a relaxed environment offers a much better deal.