If you are a video content publisher, you probably heard about TikTok already. And if you are new to video publishing, TikTok is a global platform that you can show off your creativity and get famous instantly. But aside TikTok, you are probably wondering if there are other platforms like it. So, we dedicated this article to reveal to you the best alternatives to TikTok that you can share your video contents/creativity as well.

We previously made an article on what TikTok is and how it works. In another article, we also discussed how you could download TikTok videos for use in your content. Now, let's show you the best alternatives to TikTok; you can also share your video content.

Apps Like TikTok; Alternatives to TikTok

There are several applications similar to TikTok. Here are 5 alternatives to TikTok you can share your video contents in 2020.

#1. Likee

Likee, formerly Like Video, is as popular as TikTok in many parts of the world. Similar to TikTok, it's an entertainment hub. Content creators can also show off their creativity on Likee as well as using short videos. Likee got great tools and effects for producing excellent videos.

#2. Funimate

Funimate is another great TikTok alternative platform to consider. If you are just out to unwind after the hard day's work, Funimate got your back. It also got you covered as a video content publisher as well.

Funimate provides some excellent editing tools, filters, etc. to make every video you shoot a professional one. You can also place stickers and texts over videos and make videos in slow motion and even loop videos.

#3. Dubsmash

With millions of subscribers, Dubsmash remains one of the best video sharing and social networking platforms. Dubsmash, though older than TikTok, lost that top spot when Musically came to limelight. However, it's still relevant today and provides the option to share video content on other social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. to increase your exposure.

#4. Cheez

With Cheez, there's no limit to the contents you can share. If you are out to make funny videos, comedic ones, showing off your cooking skills, vlogging, etc., there's always someone who'd be interested in your content on Cheez. Even better, you get rewarded for your creativity when you reach a stipulated number of likes, comments, or shares. Rewards are giving in cryptocurrencies. So, what's holding you back, join the Cheez community today.

#5. Kwai

We'll make this the fifth and final alternative to TikTok in this article. Just like Cheez, Kwai also rewards the talents of its users in form of prizes. Also, the Kwai app helps make amazing professional videos. You can make 4D motion effects, animated effects, text, trimming, stickers, etc. with this app. You can also merge videos and so much more. Want to Lip-sync a video or a popular song, Kwai has a massive library of scenes. You will have a lot of fun on the app, whether you are a content publisher or want to relieve yourself of stress on the platform.

All the apps we mentioned above are available for download on both Android and iOS smartphones.

Is there a kid-friendly version of TikTok?

As a parent or guardian concerned about what your kids are exposed to over the internet, you probably have asked yourself that question several times. Well, TikTok got you covered. TikTok's algorithm is designed to curate contents by age. So, as long as they registered with the right age, they'll always get contents safe for their age.


We just discussed 5 top alternatives to TikTok you can consider today. These apps will help showcase your creativity to millions of global audiences. Who knows, you can be the next social media star and get endorsed by big brands. It would be best if you gave them a try.