As crypto users we always have to be connected to the internet, whether it is to make transactions, check our balance, buy or sell things, trade or make use of dapps and platforms ranging from crypto kitties to Defi solutions.

For these cases, web browsers have become a bridge to communicate the real and the digital world, interconnecting millions of users in virtual ecosystems that make the world what it is today.

Here are some of the best browsers any blockchain and crypto enthusiast need to try out:

Opera Browser

Opera is one of the most important browsers in the internet world after Chrome and Firefox. Its philosophy is geared to achieve a clean and user-friendly product, but above all, they want to offer a high-speed interface.

The company has always innovated and diversified its product line, offering options such as Opera mini for users who need to visualize fast content at very slow connections or Opera Neon for those looking for a more updated experience.

For quite some time now Opera has announced the native integration of an Ethereum Wallet for all its users. Subsequently, that wallet was compatible with ERC-20 and ERC-72.

Besides, the company announced compatibility with Tron and the tokens that run on its blockchain, making it the ideal companion for all crypto enthusiasts.

Download Opera here

Brave Browser

Brave Browser is trending in the crypto scene for being powered by Basic Attention Token (BAT) a project that aims to revolutionize the industry of content distribution, rewarding consumers and creators while eliminating the model of ad-revenue and commercialization of private data.

Despite being a Chrome fork, Brave has even had more downloads than Google's BrowserBrowser. It is swift, has a built-in ad blocker and a series of features that have made it very popular even among users who have nothing to do with the world of cryptocurrencies.

Download Brave Browser here

Dissenter Browser

The team at GAB created Dissenter as an alternative to Brave. They wanted to create a browser with all the benefits of Brave, without the need to use Basic Attention Token.

The team seeks to replace the BAT wallet with a Bitcoin wallet running on Lightning Network to allow micropayments.

Although this fork caused some drama on Twitter, the truth is that it is a fascinating tool for those who like to try new things.

Download Dissenter Browser here

Tenta Browser

Tenta Browser is not really a browser for cryptocurrencies; however, it is an application that focuses on the privacy of its users.

The Browser includes a built-in limited VPN, an ad blocker, data encryption, zones, and many other privacy tools such as an integrated secure DNS system.

It promises to have support for blockchain protocols, which will make it a perfect browser for dApps and otheer Web 3.0 products

It has a Pro version for enhanced features

Download Tenta Browser (Android version only) here