If you love taking pictures then upgrading your camera is one of your top priorities. Upgrading to a DSLR is important because you will experience better image quality and versatility. Another advantage of using a DSLR camera is that you get to use a variety of lenses as well as numerous accessories such as battery grips and flashguns.

Moreover, a DSLR camera can work properly in challenging lighting situations such as low light, sunrise, and sunset. You can even take pictures of fast-moving objects while selecting your depth of field. However, the market is filled with many DSLRs cameras and trying to pick the best one can be a tedious process. This guide and review will help you pick the best Canon DSLR camera for your needs.

Canon DSLR Camera Buying Guide

The first thing that you should do when buying a Canon DSLR camera is to think about your needs. For instance, your budget is an important issue when it comes to buying a camera. You should also consider other practical factors such as the weight of the camera and the camera lenses. Other important factors to consider include:

1.      The ease of use.

For instance, a beginner should buy a camera that is easy to use. Some entry-level DSLRs have screen guides and intelligent auto modes that can help any beginner learn how to use a camera.

2.      The size of the sensor

DSLR cameras have either full-frame cameras or cropped frame cameras. These two cameras have different sensor sizes.

3.      The movie mode of the camera

DSLR camera commonly has an HD movie mode with excellent quality.

4.      The advances in photography modes

High-end model cameras have customization options that you can use to customize features for different situations.

5.      The speed of the camera

Even if you buy the most basic of DSLR cameras you will still experience faster speed than any point and shoot camera.

Best Canon DSLR Cameras

1.      Canon EOS Rebel SL3 250D

This is a brilliant camera for any beginner. The camera has a pint-size and its features make it the best entry-level camera you can find in the market. The resolution of the camera is 24.1 MP with a tope range APS-C sensor. Thus, the images from this camera are of high quality.

Canon EOS also houses many features such as live view shooting with the LCD screen which is very simple and intuitive. Also, the autofocus of the camera is excellent which makes it as easy as having a mirrorless camera.

The video capacity of the camera is 4k inclusive of all the many features expected in any modern camera such as Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity. Overall, the design of the camera has an ergonomic body which makes it one of the smallest in the market.


·         Lightweight

·         Intuitive DSLR

·         Awesome live view shooting


·         Relatively few AF points

·         Larger than mirrorless rivals

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2.      Canon EOS 6D Mark II

If you love the convenience of a small camera but the quality of a full-frame this should be your go-to camera. This is also the cheapest of all full-frame Canon DSLR cameras. However, let the cheap price not fool you. This camera is far from being basic.

The advantage that you will have with using a full-frame sensor is that your image quality will be superior since you will have more megapixels. The pixels are also bigger meaning they can capture more light.

Additionally, this camera has a 26-megapixel sensor that will give you an advantage of other 24-megapixel cameras. The 45 point AF system in the camera is also powerful for viewfinder shooting. For your live view photography, you will also have a Dual Pixel CMOS AF.

This camera also has a continuous shooting speed because of its 6.5fps. Still, one of the best features of the camera is streamlines handling and the control layout. It also has a rear screen that fully articulates. This is the best all-round camera for photography enthusiast.


·         The touchscreen is fully articulated

·         Powerful but still novice-friendly


·         Bigger than the EOS RP

·         The full HD video is not 4k

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3.      Canon EOS 80D

As a photographer, you always want to take pictures that are on the next level. However, all this depends on the camera of your choice. Nevertheless, you will require one that is powerful enough and yet versatile enough to work with you as you take on one assignment after the other. You might also need a camera that can work in different fields that are beyond your expectations.

This is where the Canon EOS camera comes in. It is all rounded making it the perfect DSLRs camera for any user. Regardless of its high price, it will offer you an excellent set of features.

These features include the 24 megapixels dual pixel CMOS AF sensor, 7fps continuous shooting capacity for both action and sports, a touchscreen display that is fully articulated on the rear, numerous customization options, and a secondary info panel located on the top plate.


·         Great handling

·         Excellent features

·         Fully articulated touchscreen


·         High prices

·         Full HD video, not 4k

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4.      Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

So far, this is the best canon camera in the market for professionals. Many advantages are associated with owning this DSLR camera. These advantages include a clear, bright, and optical viewing system without any lag. It also provides better handling that has bigger lenses and better battery life.

Even though this camera is not specialized to do a specific task, it is still very robust and powerful since it is designed to do almost any professional assignment. It has a 61 point autofocus system that is very powerful and fast.

Additionally, the dual pixel CMOS AF technology in this camera makes the live views autofocus very fast as well as snappy. The resolution on the camera is 30.4 megapixel which gives it a significant balance of resolution, low noise, low light, and performance.


·         30.4MP sensor

·         Has a great 61 point AF system


·         It has a big crop factor for 4k video

·         The burst speed is an average of 7fps

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