Are you on a lookout for the best countries to visit in 2020? If yes, you have gotten to the right place. In this article, you will get to know about the best countries to visit in 2020.

Here are the six best countries to visit in 2020:

1. Germany

Germany is a lovely country you can travel to. There are many beautiful places to visit, ranging from the museum, the Thuringian Forest and the malls.

The country has the best sausages in all their restaurants. And you can hardly find other sausages from other countries competing with Germany sausages.

Germany also has one of the highest mountains, like the Alp mountain.

Germany is one of the best countries you can visit if you are on a lookout for a country to visit this 2020.

If you would love to visit Germany, the best time to visit the country is between May to September.

You will experience a lot of activities in the country, including nightlife in Munich, the black forest, a tour to Rhine Valley, and many more.

2. Panama

Panama is another beautiful country you need to visit. For the fact that its densely populated, the country has all you want if you are after a tropical escapade.

Panama has coffee treas, beaches, rainforest, but its a small narrow country.

The country is ranked as the sixth-best country in the world. Panama is among the countries that make sure their citizens are leaving very fine.

One of the reasons why you need to visit Panama is that it has different adventures. You will have the opportunity to watch different animals ranging from ospreys, tamarins, and colorful quetzals. They are other animals to see in the Panama zoo as well.

3. Belarus

Belarus is a beautiful country in Europe. If you are a tourist, you will enjoy different things in the country, such as the nightlife and an awesome ensemble of cafes.

Belarus is a country that has abundant wildlife and biological inducements. If you visit Belarus, you will discover different history traces of various past events that occurred in the country.

Belarus will never disappoint you if you are a tourist that wants to have a good time exploring different countries.

4. Egypt

I know what comes to your mind when someone mentions Egypt to you are three things: tombs, mummies, and Sphinxes. But a lot of people are not aware of different adventures to explore in the country. People who visit Egypt never regret traveling there. That's because Egypt has a lot of activities ranging from the distinctive monuments in the Egypt desert, high pyramids, expansive gardens, artifacts, and ancient histories.

You will also have a taste of different types of meals in Egypt, and these are some of the things that will make you enjoy the country as a tourist.

5. India

India is an awesome country with different cultures and various languages. If you travel down to India once for vacation, you would want to go there all the time, and that's because India is a lovely county to visit with different activities you'll enjoy.

The country has different places to explore, ranging from the golden beaches, snow-capped hills, glitzy skyscrapers, barren deserts, ancient heritage architecture, mighty volcanoes, and many more.

6. New Zealand

Not many of you know, but most of the exciting movies we go to see at the cinema were shot in this country. New Zealand is a lovely country, as well.

There are different places to explore in New Zealand, ranging from flora and fauna, the gigantic national park in New Zealand, the colorful Maori culture, and many more.

You will never Regret booking a flight to New Zealand because it is a lovely place to visit.

Final Notes

At the time of writing, the COVID-19 Pandemic has put a lot of things on hold and some countries have closed their air and land borders to put a hold on international travels, even local to curb the spread of the virus.

But luckily, businesses are now coming back to life and more and more countries are easing the strict restrictions on travel and economic activities in the country.

So, your dream to travel isn’t over. The second half of the year may present even better opportunities for you than the second have. But if you have to travel, please make sure you protect yourself as much as you can.