Starting a business can be overwhelming, especially in the initial stage. There are just so many things to do - things like business management, accounting, and a lot more. Thankfully, these best free apps for small business owners will automate and simplify everyday tasks, and some even get your desired jobs.

Most of these apps you've probably heard about, maybe not used. And for those, you are just discovering, then good for you. That's the purpose of this piece anyway, to bring to your awareness apps that can be beneficial to your business.

Yeah, we know you are eager to learn about those apps. We ain't going to hold back on what we've come to discover over the years as well. From apps that get jobs rolling to communication apps and those you can use to keep track of your finances, we'll list them all. Here are the best free apps we believe would be of great benefit to small business owners.

Here Are Some Best Free Apps For Small Business Owners

You are probably surprised we said we are mentioning some - maybe a few. We can't possibly mention all. We believe there may be a couple more in development as we speak that will beat all that's known today. Anyway, here are a few great ones.

#1. LinkedIn

As a small business owner, probably just starting, the first thing you want to do is present your business to the outside world as professionally as possible. This gets people to know you, know what you do, and even trust you after a trial. And what better platform to achieve this than LinkedIn.

What's more, you can also spy on competitions - those who do the same as you and copy what has made them a success. Though LinkedIn is categorized as a social media platform, it's way more. It's a workplace for professionals, and using it to your advantage can incredibly impact your business positively.

#2. Fiverr

There's no business when there are no jobs. Of course, that's logical. The tasks you do bring income that keeps you in business. And this is why so many companies shut down since there are no jobs for them, or the jobs are barely enough to sustain daily operations. This is where Fiverr becomes a resourceful tool.

Fiverr is a marketplace for job seekers and those who want different tasks carried out. You can find cheap labor to do your electronically deliverable tasks. You can also offer your services on the platform and make good money.

It doesn't matter if your business is offline based; you'll be surprised that a couple for hundreds of dollars can keep your business on the move.

Some more platforms you can get jobs to keep fueling your business are Upwork, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, Guru, TopTal, Outsourcely, Truelancer, etc. These are Fiverr alternatives you can consider.

#3. Trello

Coordinating everyday tasks isn't easy. Imagine you have to call upon staff all the time to assign tasks to them. And then call upon them each hour you want more stuff done. Even as a loving boss, you can still lose count of the number of tasks you've given out or to whom duties were assigned.

Here's where Trello helps. With Trello, you can organize anything with anyone, anywhere in the world. This is most useful for those who pay staff per task done. However, you can also use Trello to organize office tasks. You need to drop those tasks as they come to mind, assign people to these tasks, or let them hustle themselves. Some great alternatives are Slack, Asana, Bitrix24, Wrike, Taskworld, Workzone, Podio, etc. These apps can act as your todo or reminder apps as well.

#4. Wave

One of the essential tasks as an entrepreneur is keeping records of your income and expenses. This is super important. The existence of your business depends on this. And if you must stay in business for a long time, you have to get this right.

Thankfully, financial tracking apps like Wave help simplify your bookkeeping process. You need to input your entries, stating if they are incomes or expenditures.

The result, you get graphical analyses of your income and spendings. This information will help to improve your business finances. Some Wave alternatives include QuickBooks Online, FreshBooks, Xero Accounting, ZipBooks Accounting, etc. Some of these apps can also be used to prepare invoices for your clients as well.

#5. Stripe

Now that you sent out invoices, you have also to give your clients a straightforward option to make payments. When most of your clients are accessible over the internet, you can also send them a link to make payments with ease. This is where Stripe helps.

With the Stripe dashboard available for iOS and Android smartphones, you, as a business owner, can also view balances and earnings/payments. You can keep track of this information in daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly views. Some popular Stripe alternatives include PayPal Here, Square PoS, Google Pay, etc. Some of these payment processing apps can also be used at offline business locations to accept card payments.

To round it all up

Now you know the best free apps that can be of help to you as a small business owner. These apps can get your desired job/contracts, daily coordinate operations, keep financial records, and also get your payments with ease. Knowing all these, now it's in your hands to make use of them.