There are several open-source Search Engine Optimization (SEO) analysis tools you can use to examine your site's health. These tools compare your site's performance with that of your competitors. This gives you an edge over other websites in your niche, as you get to monitor their strategies and progress closely.

What's more, SEO is still relevant in 2019 due to its potential to impact any website positively. Its benefits are numerous. You get to have increased traffic, lower bounce rate, higher earnings, and much more if SEO is properly done. Now, how else will you know if your site has been properly optimized on-page and off-page for search engines like Google? This is where SEO tools come in. However, there are a lot of them out there. They cost a few hundred to a few thousands of dollars to use annually. Thankfully, there are also free alternatives to these tools, which are sometimes even better than the paid versions.

Therefore, consider the following free SEO content analysis tools to improve your site's visibility on search engines:

1. SEO Panel

SEO Panel is an open-source SEO analysis tool that supports multiple websites simultaneously. It may be free, but it has been packed with several features to help you improve your site's performance in search engines. For starters, it analyzes the position of your site's keywords on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, etc.

SEO Panel also shows your site's domain authority, page authority, MOZ rank, sitemap, speed on mobile & desktop devices, and lots more. Besides, you can see the level of user engagement with your site on social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. You can also use the SEO Panel as a directory submission tool to get your site's link across to free or paid directories on the web.

2. Serposcope

One more way to overtake your competitor is to monitor their keywords and the site's position on search engine result pages (SERPs). And that's what Serposcope takes care of! It evaluates a site's short-tail and long-tail keywords in real-time, and also shows its rank in SERPs for that particular keyword.

There's no restriction to the number of keywords you can track which is quite impressive since this is a free tool. This tool also takes into account that rankings may vary per city or country; thus, it allows you to carry out custom searches. On the other hand, Serposcope is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It can also be run on a dedicated server.

3. Pipulate

Pipulate is a free and open-source SEO software that seeks to make your work as an SEO expert very easy. It automatically updates a Google spreadsheet with the number of social likes, shares, comments, etc. As such, it saves you the extra time and effort by automatically crawling social engagements for your site.

Pipulate also allows you to determine which metrics you'll like to see on the spreadsheet. To that effect, you can keep track the domain authority of multiple URLs, their search engine ranking position, page title & meta description, target keywords, and lots more. Pipulate is also compatible with computers running on either Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems.

4. SpyFu

SpyFu, as the name implies, is solely tailored to monitor your competitors. It displays every keyword they've ranked on search engines, the keywords they've purchased using Google AdWords, and a 13-year rank performance history. Thus, you can be well prepared for a challenge and know how to strategize.

Moreover, being able to ascertain your competitors' most profitable keywords can point you in the right direction. It can reveal that next keyword which could also be a massive source of traffic to your website. There's also the benefit of being able to discover potential keywords to target in your AdWord campaign. Lastly, you can track your keyword ranking with this tool to determine if you're making progress or there's a need for more work.

5. Matomo

Matomo is a web analytics platform that displays the percentage of visitors to your website from different search engines. It also shows your visitor's profile, such as geo zones and type of web browser in use. You can compare these results to see which search engine or country is bringing the most traffic to your website and work with that data for better performance.

Matomo also analyzes social network traffic to your website as well as the platform that is sending you the most visitors. This and many more keep you on your toes to improve your site's performance.


These are the best free and open source SEO analysis tools you can use to monitor your site and competitors. Thus, you can channel the energy, time, and resources to making tweaks that will be beneficial in the long run. Moreover, these tools are constantly being updated with new features; hence, their performance is bound to improve over time.