With the advent of the internet, remote working has been a growing trend . However, millennials —as always— are going one step further. While previous generations preferred the convenience of having a 9 to 5 job; today, freelance work has been a social phenomenon that has earned the preference of millions around the world.

Here are five online platforms that are ideal for freelancers:

Freelancing Platform#1: Upwork

Upwork is undoubtedly the king of freelancing platforms worldwide.

According to official data, this website has managed to connect more than 12 million freelancers, with over 5 million customers in search of professionals for various projects. Annually more than 3 million jobs are registered with a sum close to a billion dollars in total work done.

Being so popular, the user has the advantage of having a constant stream of offers, however precisely because of how huge they are, Upwork is also one of the platforms that sucks the most money from freelancers (something you should consider when calculating your hourly rates).

Freelancing Platform#2: Fiverr.com

Fiverr.com was born with the idea of creating a platform that would allow people to perform easy, fast and simple tasks for less than 5 dollars, however that philosophy changed and today it' s one of the most important freelancing platforms around the world.

Unlike Upwork, his site gives control to freelancers, who post their offers and packages with their services waiting for someone to hire them.

While in Upwork, it is the freelancers who are looking for opportunities, in Fiverr it is the employers who are looking for the best professional to hire.

Freelancing Platform#3: Guru.com

Guru is a platform with a little more corporate touch. It is the oldest website of all and dates back to 1998, so it has a significant number of loyal customers.

It is a web similar to Upwork but much easier to use. Also, it has lower fees, which is great for the freelancer's budget.

One option to highlight is Guru's offer to automate invoices and give users an effective control over how they want to get paid. They also have an escrow known as SafePay that serves to resolve disputes in case of nonconformities.

Freelancing Platform#4: Crypto.jobs

Crypto.Jobs is not really a platform like the ones we previously reviewed, but it is one of the most prominent websites to connect freelancers willing to receive payments in cryptocurrencies.

Those who post are the aspirants to employers, and the freelancers contact them through the platform with a personal message or a bio and with an attached resume.

It has an extensive job catalog, although it is always advisable to look for the most recent job offers since employers do not always close the ads even though the jobs are no longer available.

All communication between the parties is done in a personal way and outside the platform.

Freelancing Platform#5:  r/jobs4bitcoins

This is another great but much more informal option. Reddit is known as "the front page of the internet" and rightly so.

With the crypto boom, it was just a matter of time before a subreddit like this one appeared, and although it is entirely non-formal, the large number of users and a close-knit community have given this sub certain level of strength and confidence to those who participate in it.

Excellent choice for those who want to start in both the world of freelancing and the world of crypto coins.

Other Options:

There are many other great options for you to try: BitGigs, Boon, Moonlighting, CanWork, Dream.ac, CoinLancer, WorkingForBitcoins, FreelanceForCoins, Bounty0x, Crypico, BlockLancer, r/BitcoinJobs,Coinality, EthLance, FiveBucks are great if you want to accept crypto. Also, Freelancer, AngelList may be good for you if you prefer fiat.

It doesn't matter how you start. Any thing will do the trick, just start working and maybe change your life with this new trend! We're sure it'll worth it