When it comes to making fast micropayments using Bitcoin, the best way to do it is through Lightning Network, a second layer solution that aims to solve the problem of Bitcoin scalability.

The Lightning Network is very similar to cash payments. A citizen takes money out of their bank account, and this movement is settled in the bank, however, since that time they can pay other people immediately and without paying any commission to the bank. Only when a person wants for some reason to enter those bills to the bank, the movement appears again as an entry in the bank's database.

The same happens with LN. Users open a payment channel and can send minimum amounts of up to 1 Satoshi. These transactions are confirmed immediately and with almost no commissions. However, if someone wants to put that entry into the blockchain, they just need to withdraw those tokens to a regular BTC wallet.

If you're going to use this technology, check out this list of the best 3 Lightning Network Wallets you need to try this 2002

Wallet of Satoshi

If you want simplicity, this is the best wallet ever.

Wallet of Satoshi is not the prettiest of all, but it saves you the need to set up nodes, open channels, and all those complex procedures that can drive away a person who doesn't want to spend a lot of time reading a manual.

With this wallet, you simply need to install the apk and boom! Everything's ready for you. Just Top up your Lightning Network wallet with BTC and pay in using a Lightning Network channel in a matter of a few clicks.


Éclair takes a different angle and allows its users to configure every single aspect of their wallets.

It is one of the most famous wallets on the market and also one of the oldest and with the largest user community.

Also, for some reason, it is widely used by freelancers and is one of the first options that anyone will recommend when asked for an Lightning Network Wallet.

However, it can be a bit complicated for a complete novice.

Blue Wallet

This is the most beautiful wallet of all. Its GUI is exceptionally user-friendly.

Blue wallet is relatively simple to use and allows you to have not only an Lightning Network Wallet but also a standard BTC wallet to conduct operations that settle into the blockchain.

It is one of the most functional and famous in the market... And even has an Apple Watch app!


Before you jump, please beware! Lightning Network is an inmature technology right now. Altough thousands of people have used it and there are many LN-powered services, it is still prone to bugs, exploits or random errors, so be careful.

That said, This is one of Bitcoin's most important developments and the number of nodes and channels grow on a daily basis!

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Good Luck with your choice and Happy Hodling!