You may have seen a computer with no mouse, but it's almost a sure thing that you have never seen a keyboardless pc. This piece of hardware is an extension of our hands. If you write a lot, the keyboard is also an extension of your mind as it is perhaps the primary way to transmit a message.

If you are a gamer, writer, or programmer, you may spend hours clicking on your keyboard, so it is crucial to invest a little money in hardware that provides the best possible experience. Of all the types of keyboards, mechanical ones are the most popular option right now, and here we present you five of the best keyboards available in the mark.

Mechanical Keyboard #1: Redragon K552

I used this keyboard for a few months, and I must say I loved it. It is perhaps the best option you can choose for about $30!

The K552 is a beautiful, metal-built keyboard with ABS keys that feels very solid to the touch. It's compact and doesn't have a numeric keypad. As a writer, I must confess having a preference for the Cherry MX Blue switches, and although this keyboard does not have this brand, its custom Outemu switches provide a very similar experience.

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Mechanical Keyboard #2: Motospeed GK89

This one is a wireless mechanical keyboard. At a price close to 60 dollars it has certain advantages over the Redragon K552: It has a numerical keyboard, the keys are original cherry MX blue, it is wireless, and its design is quite sober, perhaps even elegant.

Also, it comes with a detachable USB cable that allows you to not only charge the keyboard but use it as a wired one.

Besides, it has several types of configurable lighting, but sincerely I have never been very passionate of this type of customization, and I always leave them off or with a white, blue or red light.

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Mechanical Keyboard #3: Corsair K70

Ok. From this point on, we pass the $100 barrier, but we also enter a territory where minimalism is not your thing.

The Corsair K70 is a super functional and highly durable keyboard of excellent quality. From my point of view, it is more oriented towards gamers, but that doesn't make it unattractive to any other audience.

It is built on an anodized aluminum frame, has a numerical keyboard, and the keys are Cherry MX Speed, which have 1.2mm of actuation (you barely need strength to activate them).

It also has multimedia controls, macro programming, USB ports, and many other options that will make your hours of play a unique experience.

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Mechanical Keyboard #4: Das Keyboard Model S Professional

If the Corsair K70 is a gamer-oriented mechanical keyboard, Das Keyboard developed a typer-oriented model. No matter if you are writing a novel or creating a super complicated program, using this keyboard is in-cre-di-ble.

This keyboard is highly customizable, although I recommend its pro version with Cherry MC Blue switches.

It has two USB ports, an extra-long cable, LEDs, media keys, anti-ghosting for gamers, and is exceptionally durable.

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Mechanical Keyboard #5: IBM Model M

Dude, dude, DUDE... We were talking about excellent keyboards, but honestly, from the bottom of my heart, this is just another level... I don't know how to explain it, but you have to believe me: It's another level

This keyboard is porn for writers. The feeling is unique. It doesn't use Cherry MX switches; instead, it uses a system of springs that provide the best feeling you can have on a keyboard throughout your life (and I'm not the only one who says so: just look for any review to see what others think).

Ok... now the weird part: This keyboard is more than 20 years old! And yes... I prefer this beige and ugly keyboard over any other keyboard on the market, even if it is covered with gold and the keys were diamonds.

(or maybe I'd accept such a luxurious keyboard only to sell it and buy several Model M's)

As the only downsides, I could point to two things:

1) The sound: Although the sound of the keys is music to my ears, it is possible that if you work in a very crowded place, the SOUND of the keys annoys the shit out of your colleagues.

2) The appearance: It's bulky, it's beige, it has no windows key, and you need a USB adapter

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