When it comes to choosing the best headphones, every person has unique tastes and preferences. Everyone prefers a particular signature or feature, and there are headphones for every market. However, some can be very expensive (like anything in life: you get what you pay for). Here are five over the ear headphones you can buy for under $100

Headphones #1: Skullcandy Crusher Wireless for Those BASS Lovers

These headphones honor their name. If you like Rock, Rap or Techno, these are perfect for you.

With these little things, everything is about the BASS. The low frequencies are so bright and sharp that you feel like your skull is being crushed. This is their most important feature: A pair of 40mm audio drivers and two high-quality subwoofers give you a unique experience, plus, it has a slider for you to adapt the bass to your tastes.

The battery lasts about 40 hours, and Bluetooth connectivity is good, reliable, and uninterrupted.

These headphones don't have an ANC, but they provide more than enough passive noise cancellation (Also... with that bass, if you hear something it's because you have superman's ear).

They usually cost a little more than $100, but you can get them refurbished and guaranteed from Amazon for less than $100.

Headphones #2: TaoTronics TT-BH060 For Those Who Need The Best ANC

I had never heard of this brand until a friend introduced these headphones to me. For a relatively unknown brand, the TaoTronics look great and have a remarkable ANC.

Now, you're not buying a Sony 1000XM3, so they're not the most premium headphones in the world —altough they are really really well built— but at a price close to about $60 it's very difficult to get headphones that isolate you from the world as much as these (and if you know any, drop us a line in the comments below). It seems like these phones were inspired by the Bose QC 25

The battery lasts about 20 hours (although the brand says it lasts about 40), and the bass is remarkable. The sound is not excessively loud, but enough to give you a pleasant experience.

The ANC is excellent, but when activated, the bass loses a little but noticeable power.

Headphones #3: Sennheiser HD280PRO Headphone (new model) For Those Looking for Comfort

Sennheiser is a cult brand among audiophiles, musicians, and producers around the world, and when they launched their HD280PRO, the reception was more than positive.

However, this new model makes it even more comfortable, and that is important for long sessions of music, studio, production, or general use. They provide exceptional passive noise canceling.

These headphones produce a flat, balanced, but very detailed sound. They were created for DJs and content producers so if you want a crisp, accurate sound, this option is for you

Headphones #4: Audio Technica ATH M40X For Those Needing Durability and High Fidelity

These headphones have exceptional quality. They are also very balanced, with low bass and very detailed mids and highs.

They are very versatile, large, and comfortable headphones. They have many joints for you to use as you please, and also have a spiral cable ideal for DJs and a normal ideal for studio sessions and daily use.

Headphones #5: Sony-MDR7506 A Great Overall Option By Sony

These headphones are available in the $90 to $150 range at Amazon. These high-quality headphones are ideal for musicians.

They are not wireless; however, unless you use them to exercise your jump rope technique, you will never have problems with those cables.

The sound is powerful and detailed, and they are quite comfortable even though some users consider them to be very tight. Take this as you prefer: A proper, strong clamping makes it hard for your headphones to lose position, but you may want to take a break after a couple of hours.

There are millions of alternatives out there and making lists is always hard, but we know you can't go wrong if you choose one of these. In the end, if you know what kind of consumer you are, you can satisfy your needs with less than 100 bucks!