Each day, millions of people around the world listen to podcast recordings and interviews. As such, if you want to garner the attention of significant listeners, the best podcast microphone in 2019 for beginners or professionals is what you need. It'll be a microphone that ensures excellent audio quality while eliminating the noise in the background whether you're recording from a closet, bedroom, office, or conference room.

Types of Podcast Microphones

The various types of podcast microphones for recording or interview are:


A USB microphone allows you to plug directly into a computer with USB connectivity. A mic of this nature is also compatible with a range of operating systems such as Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. That being said, you can make recordings immediately from a computer, iPad, or smartphone.


XLR podcast microphone relies on a standard cable that is plugged into an audio interface or microphone preamp. The good thing is, if you've been in the podcast business for long, this is the kind of mic you should be looking to get. However, as a beginner, a USB mic will do just fine.

Review of the Best Podcast Microphones

For their price, high-quality sound, durability, and high user reviews and recommendations, the best podcast microphones in 2019 are:

1. Shure SM7B

The Shure SM7B podcast microphone is one of the most expensive out there but seeks to give great quality for your money's worth. First off, it supports a frequency response of 50 - 20,000 HZ, which is remarkable for handling highs and lows in music and speech. Its cardioid polar pattern picks the speaker's voice directly and blocks those coming from the side and back.

According to its manufacturer, the Shure SM7B has been revamped to protect it from electromagnetic hum generated by neon lights, computer monitors, etc. There's also a mounting bracket paired with this mic to make performance a breeze. Thus, it has been built for professional audio applications.

2. Rode NT-USB

The Rode NT-USB is one of the best podcast microphones for its price. Why is that? It is moderately priced, yet retains a high-quality. The NT-USB has a frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz which goes high enough the treble frequency if you're looking to play musical instruments or sing with it. It also goes lower the bass frequency (but not too deep) if you want some boom in your podcast.

NT-USB uses a cardioid polar pattern that allows it to pick up sounds from one direction. As a result, it blocks the background noise and picks only the sound coming from you, which makes it suitable for podcast recording. It is also compatible with the Apple iPad if you've been looking for a podcasting or voiceover microphone for your iPad.

3. Samson Go Mic

One of the best entry-level podcast microphones that has stolen the attention of podcasters is the Samson Go Mic. It's one of the cheapest out there (under $100), but with a promise of great sound. The Go Mic is a portable USB studio microphone that allows you to choose between the cardioid and omnidirectional pickup patterns. As such, you can rely on the cardioid if you're alone, and the Omni pattern if it is a group recording.

It's a USB mic, after all, so connect it to your iPhone using the Apple Lightning to USB camera adapter. You can also use it with an Android smartphone via an OTG Adapter. At a frequency response of 20Hz - 18kHz, use the Go Mic for podcasting, streaming or VoIP, and you wouldn't go wrong.

4. Audio-Technica AT2020USB

Audio-Technica is a famous brand when it comes to sound systems, but there are other reasons why you should give its AT2020USB podcast microphone a serious thought. First off, it is reasonably priced, yet packs a lot in. It is also one-directional due to the cardioid polar pattern that prevents it from picking additional sound from the back. Its frequency response sits at 50-15,000 Hz.

Audio-Technica is also a USB microphone which makes it convenient to plug into a Windows 7, Windows 8, 10 and Mac OS X computers. It comes with accessories such as the pivoting stand mount and tripod desk stand. These make the Audio-Technica easy to mount on the desk while you work on your podcast.

5. Heil PR-40

On the lookout for the best podcast dynamic microphone? The Heil PR-40 has been built to meet your podcasting needs. Since you might not be recording from the studio, a dynamic microphone is ideal for bedroom or office recordings. The Heil PR-40 has also been copper-wound with neodymium to give it a professional look.

On the other hand, its frequency response of 28Hz to 18kHz makes it highly recommended for handling musical performances. It also controls the bass level quite well since it sits at 18kHz. Over and above that, its impedance rating of 600 Ohms also gives the impression that quality components have been packed in.

These are the best microphones for podcast or voiceover in 2019. Some are more suited for professional use, while others are best for beginners. In the same vein, their portability makes it easy to handle. So go ahead and check out one of these and how well it'll work for you.