The best privacy browsers for Android will help to hide your footprint and information as you surf the net. Your passwords, browser cookies, and financial information are highly sought after by websites, governments, companies, etc. either for advertising purposes, fraudulent use, or just to keep a tab on you.

Nonetheless, the top privacy browser apps for Android can ensure that your information is kept away from prying eyes as you surf. These apps have garnered thousands of downloads, and have been highly rated by its users. That being said, you can rely on these browser apps to remain anonymous online.

1. Brave Privacy Browser:

The Brave Privacy Browser comes with security features that help to keep your private information from prying eyes. It features HTTPS Everywhere, 3rd party cookie blocking, AdBlocker, and incognito private tabs. These features are all in a bid to ensure that advertisers or malware do not track your browsing information.

2. Firefox Focus:

Firefox Focus is an anonymous browser for Android devices. It blocks online trackers and automatically clears your browsing history, passwords, and cookies once you close the app. Besides, there's no need to enable this feature in settings, manually; thus, your protection begins once you start using the app. Firefox Focus also blocks adverts and pop-ups on web pages you visit which helps these pages load faster.

3. InBrowser:

InBrowser is an incognito/private browser for Android. Like the Firefox Focus, it clears your browser history, cookies, sessions, and passwords automatically, once the app is closed. InBrowser is always in a private mode. As such, you can conveniently visit dating sites, social media sites, etc. even from a friend's smartphone.

4. Orbot:

Orbot is open-source software that is specially tailored to enhance its user's privacy. It uses Tor (a software for enabling anonymous communication) to encrypt and hide information about web pages you've visited. According to the app's developer, this helps to keep such data away from any network surveillance, and it helps you to research a competitor anonymously.

5. Ghostery Privacy Browser:

Ghostery Privacy Browser also brings a lot to the table when it comes to hiding users data or footprint over the internet. As a secure web browser for Android, it protects your passwords and financial information from websites that continually tracks such data. You can choose to block these trackers individually, or all at once. Also, the web browser's major functionalities include a private search engine, phishing protection, and incognito browsing mode.

6. Dolphin Web Browser:

Dolphin Web Browser is one of the best private browser and downloaders for Android, which can be attested by the millions of downloads it has gotten so far. It features an Incognito/private mode that prevents cookies and browsing history from being tracked. There is also an AdBlocker to block targeted adverts and also enhance user experience while you surf the net.

7. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser:

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser helps you safeguard your information as you surf the net. This free Android app blocks hidden third-party trackers and also reveals which websites are trying to track your internet traffic. What's more, each site is given a privacy rating to provide you with an idea of a website's privacy practices.

8. Aloha Browser:

Another private browser and downloader for Android is the Aloha Browser. It seeks to provide maximum user privacy and security while you visit websites over the internet. There is also an inbuilt Virtual Private Network (VPN) on this mobile browser which allow you access websites restricted to your geozone. You can also choose to access these platforms privately thanks to the VPN.

9. Frost:

The Frost Privacy Browser features a hidden vault for storing images and bookmarks. This vault is also password-protected. Furthermore, Frost clears your web browser's history automatically on closing the application. Frost also features an AdBlocker that helps to increase the page's loading speed while at the same time, reducing internet data usage.

10. Webroot SecureWeb Browser:

Webroot SecureWeb Browser protects your identity and financial information as you surf the net. It also offers password management to ensure that your passwords are safe as well. In the same vein, this browser alerts you of potentially dangerous websites which helps to keep you away from harm's way.


These are some of the best privacy browsers for Android that can hide your information from tracking websites and malware. Some of these apps also come with features such as VPN, AdBlockers, password vaults, amongst others, each of which can improve your level of security online. If these benefits are what you're out to get, then these are the apps you should download today on your Android phone or Tablet.