Best Side Hustle Ideas In 2020

If you haven’t noticed, things have changed, maybe gone complicated if you choose to put it that way. As a result, having that 9 – 5 job alone isn’t good enough; you must have a side hustle. For this reason, we thought we could introduce you to the best side hustle ideas you can do alongside your 9 – 5 job this 2020.

What’s more, they can also serve as your main job, raking you some thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars annually depending on how much time you commit into your chosen hustle enough of long talks, let’s jump right into it. Here are some best side hustle ideas in 2020.

Best Side Hustle Ideas In 2020: Top Recommendations

1. Become a virtual assistant. This is solely an internet-based business. However, if you’ve got some basic computer/internet related skills, you can make money off these skills in your free time whether you are at work or not. Tasks that would be required of you are basic administrative tasks that are deliverable over the internet. Places to find employers include job boards or job marketplaces such as Fiverr.

2. Become a Lyft or Uber driver. This is something you can do if you’ve got a fuel-economical vehicle. You can easily make up to $100k annually doing this. Despite the growing numbers of Uber and Lyft drivers, there seems not to be enough. Here’s your chance, shoot your shot.

3. Drive for Uber Eats. Here’s an alternative to driving passengers around. With Uber Eats, you deliver food instead. It’s kind o a more flexible option, and you can make a lot from this side hustle as well.

4. Become a freelancer. Here’s another internet-related hustle in 2020. If you don’t already have a skill that can be delivered online, never mind, you can quickly learn over the internet, practice it, and make lots of money from it. There are tons of skills being highly sorted after today. A few of them; writing, proofreading, graphics design and editing, web designing, and development, to name a few. Like becoming a virtual assistant, you can find employers on job boards, job marketplaces such as Fiverr, and even on search engines if you know how to use them properly.

5. Blog for money. We do not guarantee you this will fetch you a dime at the initial stage; however, in the long run, it will. This hustle can be built off things you are passionate about. Do you have any idea about men’s or women’s health? Why not blog about it. How about tech tips and tricks? Skincare? Whatever you know, someone else wants to know too. Just solve people’s problems with your blog posts, and you are in business.

6. Create a podcast. Here’s an alternative to blogging. Creating podcasts. Instead of writing, you voice your thoughts. You can do this alone or in a conversation with someone else – a celebrity, friend, etc. With time, you get a good following, and advertisers would be more than glad to pay you to say a word or two about what they do. You can charge for podcast downloads too.

7. Monetize your Instagram account. By frequently posting relevant content on Instagram, you get a good number of following. You can make money from this substantial number of following. You can sell products personally or get offers from big brands to promote their products or service to your followers. Either way, you get to make tons of money.

8. Teach online. There’s no better time to do this than now. The COVID-19 Pandemic has been tough on everyone, even the nations. This has halted economic activities in many countries, and this includes the educational sector. Thankfully, the internet is bringing people together from the comforts of their homes. So, if you’ve got the right qualifications, you can do this as a side hustle this 2020. Also, teaching online isn’t restricted to “school work” alone. You can teach someone your language, some kitchen lessons, just anything. You’ll get rewarded for your efforts and time.